How many of your clothes fit?

One of the biggest problems I had when I was overweight was having a wardrobe full of clothes but only being able to wear about 20% of them.

The other 80% were made up of things that had fit at one time but now were to too tight or really didn’t look good. Or were things that I had bought intending to lose weight to get into.  Often these still had the label on.

At one time I had clothes from a size 12 to a size 20 and at my heaviest was struggling to get into the 20’s.  So when I started to lose weight in 2009 I decided to get rid of the things that were too big as I went along so that I had nothing to grow back into.  One thing I did find that as I went down in size some of things I had held on to or had bought to slim into no longer suited me or were totally out of fashion.

Now that I have a wardrobe full of size 10-12 clothes only in different sizes because of the brands life is so much easier and I am certainly not wasting money buying clothes that I will never wear.

So if you have a wardrobe where only 20 % fits I can help you to lose weight and help you get a wardrobe full of clothes that you can wear with confidence.

Just contact and special offers running during Februay so why wait?



Losing weight gets you into shape!

It is amazing when you lose weight that you can’t imagine yourself being bigger than you are now. This hit me in the face when I was helping my daughter with some photographs for her ebay shop.

As she helps people declutter their houses at she also helps them to sell clothes they no longer wear. These are all good quality items so she decided to invest in some mannequins to properly show them off.

Of course because people are of different sizes she ended up with three, one which is a size 8-10 the second a 12-14 and the third a 16-18. Lined up together really made me think as I was once a size 20 so bigger then the largest one but am now a size 10-12.

The thing that struck me most about the mannequins however is that they have no lumps and bumps but they do diminish as you lose weight and dressing well for your size is the answer whatever you weigh.

You will find lots of quality clothes of all sizes at and of course if you want help to lose weight I would be delighted to help you

What size are you?

What size are you?

So less than 100 days to Xmas

Yes it is now less than 100 days to Christmas in fact there are 94 days to be precise. It is amazing to see some many shops with Christmas things in and lots of promotions on the TV to encourage us all to start shopping for the festive season.

I have always promised myself that I would start my Christmas Shopping early but usually find myself running around in the last week in a panic.

But what about getting into that party outfit? You can’t leave that until the last minute.

As the majority of my clients lose 2lb a week, there is still just over 13 weeks to go and I know that anyone who joins my weight-away plans now could lose up to 2 stone before Xmas.

2 stone usually represents 2 dress or trouser sizes so what are you waiting for?

Contact me via my blog or visit and I would love to help you

Bank Holiday Blues!

So here we are at the last bank holiday of the year and guess what its raining.

This could be the time to sit down and catch up on TV or watch a box set and if this is what you are doing, will it be accompanied by lots of snacks and nibbles that you will regret afterwards.

I think a better alternative is to have a sort out of clothes to get ready for the autumn and trying some of these on can make you realise it is also time to lose a bit of weight so you can wear them.

I know when I was overweight I had a least 4 different sizes of clothes in my wardrobe but could only wear about 20% of them.

So if you do decide to sort through your wardrobe and you find yourself in the same place I would be delighted to help you lose weight and keep if off.

Here are my 7 tips for Losing Weight
My 7 tips for losing weight

Struggling to get into your Summer Clothes

I always feel that summer is here when we start the May Bank Holidays even if it isn’t sunny!  It also always used to start my panic about what I would have to wear for my summer holidays.

In the days when I was overweight I would look through my wardrobe and usually find that at best I could get into 20% of my summer clothes and would then go on a crash diet to try to fit into things -not succeed -and go out shopping buying anything that would fit me.

That doesn’t happen now and each summer I weed out some things I decide that I don’t like any more or that really don’t suit me and I buy a few new pieces to add to my wardrobe.

If you are starting to panic about your summer wardrobe there is still time to do something about it just contact me at and start your weight loss journey now!

Easy Styles that take you from Spring into Summer.

This week I am featuring a guest blog from Denise at Colour with Confidence who shares her advice on Easy Styles that take you from Spring to Summer.

The shops are brimming with styles and colours: but where do you start bring Spring into your wardrobe?  The colours and patterns that you find in the shops are actually reflecting Spring with pastel pinks, yellow and blues but also vibrant floral patterns. Look around your garden and you will see the inspiration that designers are bringing into the high street. There are very few dark colours in the shops at the moment, although there are some dark blue and navy’s around. Here is your easy guide to incorporating a breath of Spring that will take you into Summer.

The 7 key looks in the shops now.
1. Dresses.  Dresses are in soft fabrics and mainly knee length, with many shift styles or some with a gathered waist. Look for floral prints, either all over pattern or on the lower part of the skirt. The flowers are often in bright blues, reds, pinks but with pastel backgrounds.
2. Tops and blouses. Hip-length tops are everywhere this year, again shift style or shirt-waisted.  Colours are often ice-cream colours or soft muted florals. I know blouses and tops are the mainstay of my wardrobe.
3. Skirts. There seem to be two predominant styles this year, pencil and gathered. The pencil skirts are in plain colours, again mainly pastels but there are bright ones around. These would go wonderfully with soft tops and blouses (see no. 2)
4. Trousers. Capri (calf length) or ankle length are very popular this year: they are usually narrow legged.  Both look great with sandals or heeled shoes.  The colours are again pastels, peach, baby blue, yellow, but there are also patterned ones too. I like the medium to dark blue with small patterns which are most flattering.
5. Handbags. A huge range of colours this year: one thing that is consistent is the plain colours but there are pastels as well as brights and also two tones on one bag. The styles are contrasting: either box or envelope shapes or soft, fringed bags. Choose the colour and style to fit your lifestyle
6. Jewellery. Bigger and bolder than ever: back to bling! Again choose the colour or metal to complement your outfit. Jewellery works well if it fits you and your clothes. If you are petite and you wear huge jewellery it can overpower you. A great necklace can finish an outfit perfectly.
7. Sandals and shoes. I’m pleased to see platforms back! I’m on the short side and they give me height! Lots of different styles, but there are comfortable, wide straps across the foot on sandals this year. I love the court shoes that are around in neutral colours, the beige/nude make your legs look longer. Great!
I hope this helps you to find your way around the spring and summer fashions on the high street.
Flowers to inspire Blog 20 April
 You can contact Denise at

Just What to Wear

When you are overweight choosing what to wear can be a real nightmare.

I know that when I was much larger most of my wardrobe was black and the number of long cardigans and jackets I had to disguise lumps and bumps was unbelievable.

That’s why it has been so great this week to be able to get out some summer clothes and enjoy the sunshine in brightly coloured clothes.

Next week I have guest blogger Denise Howell  from Colour Me Beautiful who will be sharing her ‘Easy Styles that take you from Spring into Summer.’

So hope you enjoy here is me dressed for the sunshine Dressed for the Sunshine

This is so different to how I used to be
Before covered up and drab