What to wear?

How many of us look in the wardrobe and think we have nothing to wear?

I found this a big problem when I couldn’t lose weight and keep if off, as I then I had  a wardrobe full of clothes and probably  only 20% were the right size.

This was sometimes because I had lost some weight and they were really too big, but more often than not, it would be full of things I was meaning to lose weight to even be able to get into.

If you do lose weight healthily and keep it off, then one of the things you should really do is ditch all the big clothes. All you need is to have the confidence that you don’t need the safety net of larger clothes in the wardrobe just in case.

Secondly you should make sure that you try things on in a shop or straight away when they arrive, if you order on line. If you have any doubt about whether they suit you or if the fit isn’t good, then don’t buy them or send them straight back.  Trust me if you don’t instantly feel they are right they are liable to sit at the back of the wardrobe for a long time.

I work in conjunction with my daughter Kate who runs http://www.roomtobreathe.org.uk where she  helps people to declutter anything from a wardrobe to a home.  As she sells on commission items of quality, she gets a lots of clothing that hasn’t even been worn, still with labels. See the snap shot of her unit with lots of clothing ready for sale.

This is helpful for my clients, either to look at for bargains but equally to sell on items they no longer wear.

So why not check out your wardrobe today !

You can contact either of us for help!

Does your weight get you down in the heat?

It has been so lovely this week and some days a little too hot to be working but we shouldn’t complain.  It made me think though about the things that got me down in the good weather when I was overweight and now they don’t

  • no longer having thighs that rub together in the heat that used to make me really uncomfortable
  • being able to wear a pair of shorts without thinking that everyone would be passing comment about how I look
  • not having to search the shops for something to wear because nothing fits.
  • being able to have an ice cream in public and eating it without thinking that everyone would be looking at me and criticising me for eating it because I was fat.
  • looking forward to eating salads because I enjoy them not eating them because I am on a diet
  • being able to enjoy exercise without being out of breath
  • and finally knowing that I can look at my holiday photos and not see the picture that made me lose weight

    sue before picture

    Me on holiday at my heaviest in 2009

If you are finding the heat uncomfortable because you are overweight I would love to help you.  Just contact me at enquiries@weight-away.org

weightwatchers after

happier holiday snaps with the weight gone

A tip to help keep your weight off

One of the things that helps to keep your weight off is not keeping clothes that are too big for you.

I know that when I was very overweight I had a wardrobe of clothes that ranged from a size 12 to a 20.  When I lost weight I would always keep clothes that I liked even if they were too big just in case I put weight back on.  Really that just sets you up to fail.

One of the things I did when I lost my weight in 2009-10 was to either give my larger clothes to charity or sell them on ebay. Replacing them with clothes in the right size.

I think though that one of the other things that I decided to do, that has helped me to keep my weight in check, was that I stopped buying anything with an elasticated waist or that would stretch with me if I put on a few pounds.  This means that as soon as I feel a wiast band feeling a bit tight I know I need to be a bit careful to keep my weight steady.

Although having to replace my wardrobe when I first lost weight was very costly being able to keep my weight off has saved me a lot of money as I can now wear everything in my wardrobe rather than about 20% of it at best.

So how many sizes do you have in your wardrobe?

How to stop clutter

One of the things that I found hard when my weight fluctuated so much was storing clothes in lots of different sizes.  I can remember times when only about 20% of my clothes fit me! Having now lost weight and been at the same weight for 6 years I now find it is only changing fashion and the fact that clothes wear out means I get rid of them.

However one the best things I do, on the advice of my daughter Kate who runs a decluttering business at http//:www.roomtobreathe.org.uk is to store my winter clothes shrink wrapped over the summer and do the same with my summer clothes over the winter.

This weekend I have just sorted through my winter clothes for those I want to keep and have shrink wrapped them and put them in loft.  I have opened the bag with the summer ones and know that they will all fit which is great!

It is useful to work closely with Kate as she can sell clothing for people who have lost weight and equally has lots of bargains in her ebay shop for people who are looking for smaller clothes.

But if you want advice on how to declutter she has lots of great advice so check out her website.


My winter clothes for storage over the summer!

Are you motivated to lose weight?

If you have a wedding to attend or want to look good for event but want to lose weight then start now.

Often when we have an event in our life when we want to look our best, that can be a good motivator to lose weight.  The further away it is though can be the reason to put off changing your eating habits until suddenly you find yourself with a month to go and you haven’t lost a single pound.

I can remember many times when I promised myself just after Christmas that I would be slimmer for my summer holidays only to find myself a few weeks before I was due to go desperately trying to find things that would fit me.

So whatever your motivation is for losing weight, whether it is an event, or to improve your health, don’t put off till tomorrow what you could do today or it will never happen.

I have special offers running in February for people who sign up to Weight Away Plans so what are you waiting for? Get help now to change your eating habits and lose weight for life not just that special occasion!

How many of your clothes fit?

One of the biggest problems I had when I was overweight was having a wardrobe full of clothes but only being able to wear about 20% of them.

The other 80% were made up of things that had fit at one time but now were to too tight or really didn’t look good. Or were things that I had bought intending to lose weight to get into.  Often these still had the label on.

At one time I had clothes from a size 12 to a size 20 and at my heaviest was struggling to get into the 20’s.  So when I started to lose weight in 2009 I decided to get rid of the things that were too big as I went along so that I had nothing to grow back into.  One thing I did find that as I went down in size some of things I had held on to or had bought to slim into no longer suited me or were totally out of fashion.

Now that I have a wardrobe full of size 10-12 clothes only in different sizes because of the brands life is so much easier and I am certainly not wasting money buying clothes that I will never wear.

So if you have a wardrobe where only 20 % fits I can help you to lose weight and help you get a wardrobe full of clothes that you can wear with confidence.

Just contact http://www.weight-away.org and special offers running during Februay so why wait?


Losing weight gets you into shape!

It is amazing when you lose weight that you can’t imagine yourself being bigger than you are now. This hit me in the face when I was helping my daughter with some photographs for her ebay shop.

As she helps people declutter their houses at http://www.roomtobreathe.org.uk she also helps them to sell clothes they no longer wear. These are all good quality items so she decided to invest in some mannequins to properly show them off.

Of course because people are of different sizes she ended up with three, one which is a size 8-10 the second a 12-14 and the third a 16-18. Lined up together really made me think as I was once a size 20 so bigger then the largest one but am now a size 10-12.

The thing that struck me most about the mannequins however is that they have no lumps and bumps but they do diminish as you lose weight and dressing well for your size is the answer whatever you weigh.

You will find lots of quality clothes of all sizes at http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Kates-Bazaar29 and of course if you want help to lose weight I would be delighted to help you

What size are you?

What size are you?