Lovely Feedback From a Client

If you want to lose weight then here is an update from one of my clients on her successful weightloss with Weight Away.

Alison writes

“I first joined Weight-away in July 2014 with the aim of losing 2 Stone before my daughter’s wedding in January 2015.  Following Sue’s eating plan and with her support I achieved that goal and dropped from a size 16 to a size 12 in 7 months.

14 months and one grand-daughter later I am still maintaining my healthy weight and still wearing size 12 clothes.  In the past when I have dieted the weight has returned within a short period of time, but this time it’s different and the reason for that is because my relationship with food has changed for good.

I no longer deny myself foods that I enjoy, but have learned to eat smaller portions or to substitute them with something similar but with fewer calories, for example I enjoy cheese and biscuits as a snack in the evening but now substitute the crackers for melba toasts and the cheddar for low fat Philadelphia.

I also balance my meals better throughout the day.  I eat more for breakfast which keeps me going until lunchtime so that I’m not tempted to snack mid-morning or over-eat at lunchtime and in the evening.

I allow myself to indulge a little more at weekends and during celebrations because I know that I can balance things out the next day by cutting down on permitted snacks or by following one of Sue’s balancing day eating plans.

I no longer obsessively weigh myself every day, or even every week.  I am in full control, knowing that weight naturally fluctuates throughout the day/week/month but as long as I am eating sensibly and keep within a certain weight range I will maintain my weight-loss and clothing size.

I continue to use the weight-away recipes on a daily basis (I have quite a collection of them now), as my family love them too and I can trust that they are healthy, carefully calorie counted and correctly portioned and they are so tasty and easy to prepare.

Contacting weight-away was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  It has changed my life by making me more healthy, confident and restoring my energy levels so that I am more active and can keep up with my growing grand-daughter.”

If you would like to lose weight and keep it off as Alison has done then contact me at and I would be delighted to help you have the same success.

Alison looking stunning as the Mohter of the Bride

Alison looking stunning as the Mother of the Bride