Happy Easter

Pretty Happy Easter Eggs

Happy Easter to anyone reading my blog and I hope that you are enjoying the time with your family and friends

If the weather is good it is great to get out and I know that many people on Easter Monday might be starting some DIY jobs or taking advantage of sales in the stores.  Equally you might be using the time to catch up on box sets or just chilling out.

I do find thought that this is the holiday when you start to think about your summer holiday and what you will be wearing.  If you want to lose weight before your summer break there is still time and you might be interested to know that one stone in weight would usually equal a dress or trouser size.

So enjoy the Easter break and then set yourself a goal for the summer.

As my daughter is getting married in June I want to lose a few pounds to look at my best so I am going to lose 7 lbs by the 4 June. Please note in that in setting my goal I state this positively and if you set a goal it helps to write it down and to tell others, as in this way it will make it real. In this way you have made a firm commitment and should achieve what you want to lose and maybe even more.

If you want advice on goal setting and losing weight I would love to hear from you.

Getting ready for Summer

If you promised yourself last year that you would lose weight before your summer holiday and didn’t and here you are again looking forward to this years holiday feeling overweight and unhappy about how you look then why not take action now.

If you are going on holiday in July you still have three months to lose weight and with my weight loss plan could lose up to 2lb per week and be around 2 stone lighter.  This equates to 2 dress/trouser sizes so if you have summer clothes you want to get into why not start now.

I have just taken my summer clothes out of the loft and will be going through them this week to check that I still want them all but I do have the comfort that I know that they fit. It can be so depressing when you have clothes you really want to wear but they are too tight.  I will though either sell or give some charity if I know I won’t wear them or they don’t suit me anymore. This makes space for some new items!

So why not contact me to discuss losing weight eating ordinary foods but getting extraordinary results.  You will not have to buy any supplements or shakes and you will be supported with a personalised plan, recipes, hints and tips and personal coaching if you sign up to my full plan.

What have you got lose other than weight!

Summer Clothes ready for sorting

I sort and pack my summer and winter clothes and store them in vacuum packs on the great advice of my daughter Kate who runs a decluttering business if you want advice and help to organise your wardrobes, kitchens or in fact any space that you feel is too clutter then she will be the answer at http://www.roomtobreathe.org.uk

It is that time of year!

I think that the August Bank Holiday is a time when people think about changing something and often this can be losing weight!

If you have come back from holiday, taken a look at your holiday photos and not liked what you saw you will not be on your own.  I know that it was a holiday picture that finally made me resolve to do something about my weight. If you look back through my blog posts you will see the picture!

If you find yourself in that position then there are a few things you can do to eat more healthily and lose weight such as

  • To increase the amount of vegetables and fruit you eat
  • Cook food freshly and avoid processed foods
  • Eat less sugary snacks
  • Up your activity or start a new one
  • Set yourself some goals

If you want help to do this I would be delighted to help and you can contact me by emailing me enquiries@weight-away.org for a free consultation and to find out more about the Weight Away Plans. Eat ordinary food and get extraordinary results.  You have nothing to lose apart from weight!


Does your weight get you down in the heat?

It has been so lovely this week and some days a little too hot to be working but we shouldn’t complain.  It made me think though about the things that got me down in the good weather when I was overweight and now they don’t

  • no longer having thighs that rub together in the heat that used to make me really uncomfortable
  • being able to wear a pair of shorts without thinking that everyone would be passing comment about how I look
  • not having to search the shops for something to wear because nothing fits.
  • being able to have an ice cream in public and eating it without thinking that everyone would be looking at me and criticising me for eating it because I was fat.
  • looking forward to eating salads because I enjoy them not eating them because I am on a diet
  • being able to enjoy exercise without being out of breath
  • and finally knowing that I can look at my holiday photos and not see the picture that made me lose weight

    sue before picture

    Me on holiday at my heaviest in 2009

If you are finding the heat uncomfortable because you are overweight I would love to help you.  Just contact me at enquiries@weight-away.org

weightwatchers after

happier holiday snaps with the weight gone

Have you lost weight only to put it back on?

If you have lost weight and then put it back on maybe once or twice, then you are becoming a yo-yo dieter.  I know that this happens when you follow a diet that isn’t something that you can stick to and doesn’t change your eating habits for good.

I say this from experience as I was a typical yo-yo dieter trying every slimming club and fad diet I saw, until I decided to look at eating healthily for life.

This helped me to lose over 5 stone between 2009-2010 but more importantly to keep the weight off and set up my own weightloss business which is based on eating ordinary foods but getting extraordinary results.

If you would like to know more about my healthy eating plans and how you can lose weight to keep it off for life then visit http://www.weight-away.org and I would be delighted to help you.

I have special offers running at the moment and there is still time to lose weight before the summer holidays


Looking foward to your summer holiday

Are you are looking forward to your summer holiday or are you dreading how you will look on the beach.

There is still time to lose weight before the main summer holidays and in 10 weeks you could eaily lose a stone and a half.  That is a least one dress size/trouser size.  So start eating healthily now and you can enjoy your summer holiday.

I know that the last minute panic to find clothes for  holiday when you are overweight is probably one the most depressing times I ever had.  It was a holiday photo that made me change my eating habits, lose weight and set up Weight Away so if you want to avoid those summer time blues I would love to help you at http://www.weight-away.org

I keep this photo of me emerging onto the beach in the Summer of 2009 just to remind me of how large I was and that I won’t allow myself to go back there.

Lots of people think I am brave to show this photo.  I don’t because I am proud of losing weight and want to inpsire others to do the same through eating ordinary healthy food and not following fad diets.

sue before picture

Me on holiday at my heaviest in 2009

Dressed for the Sunshine

Me in summer 2015 so much happier and healthier

Have you booked your next holiday

Apparently this weekend was the busiest for travel agencies and sites for people looking to book their next holiday.

I am sure that this is because January seems such a long month after all the Christmas and New Year festivities.

So we sit down and dream about the holiday we are planning, we probably book it and perhaps even go on to research some of the things we will do when we get there.

If you are doing this and you are overweight you will also probably promise yourself that you will lose weight so you will look and feel great when you get there.  I know that if you don’t take action right now that will be thing that doesn’t happen.

I can remember many times of saying this at the start of year only to find myself in despair in the weeks before my holiday trying to find clothes I would be able to wear.  I haven’t had this problem for the past six years as I solved my yo-yo dieting problem for good.

So if you are planning your holiday and want to lose weight contact me at http://www.weight-away.org for support recipes and personalised plans to ensure that you look your best for that holiday and beyond!