Happy New Year Free Gift

I am sure you will be seeing lots of special offers today as many companies offer discounts and sales.

At Weight Away I am sharing my 7 tips for losing weight as a free gift,  which I hope will be helpful to anyone who has decided that 2017 will be the year that they lose any weight they are unhappy about.

If this is you and you want to know more about the Weight Away plans that will help you lose weight eating ordinary food but still get extraordinary results, then I would love to hear from you.

There are special offers for people joining Weight Away now, so why not check these out, but in the meantime here are my 7 tips for losing weight and I wish you a Happy Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

My 7 tips for losing weight

Tip 1- Have a GOAL

When you decide you want to lose weight you may already have a goal in mind.  It could be an actual weight; it could be a dress/waist size; it could be to look good for a particular occasion or it could be to be healthier.  Whatever it is, it will be personal to you and that is important as it gives you something to aim for. Whatever it is there are two things you can do to make it happen.

Firstly picture yourself at your goal- imagine how you will look, think about how you will feel, think about the things people will be saying to you.  This will help you to focus on how great you will feel when you reach your goal.

The second thing is to think about steps along the way, these milestones could be things like every ½ stone, or each dress size just what you think you want to achieve along the way.  They will help you to make the goal achievable. They will reinforce your progress as you go forward.

For me I wanted to lose weight to improve my health and get to a size 14.  As I progressed I aimed for each ½ stone and when I got to a healthy weight I had lost over 5 stone and was wearing size 10 clothes!


Tip 2 – Understand Your Eating Habits

One of the things that will help you lose weight is eating regular meals and cutting out snacking.  In this way you can track what you are eating and make conscious decisions about what to eat and what not to eat.

One way to start this process is to write down everything you eat for a week.  When I say everything, this means including the biscuit you have at a meeting; the food you finish off that the children leave on their plates; the chocolate bar you buy at the petrol station and of course the meals you eat.

This will help you see any patterns of eating you have that you might want to change and it will probably shock you when you see what you eat when not actually having a meal

For me I didn’t have very big meals when I was overweight, but I noticed that I often tasted food when I was cooking  so probably had had at least 100 calories before I served food; that I often bought something when I paid for petrol (either crisps or chocolate) and that I would eat biscuits when I attended meetings.  These were all things I could easily change and this made a big difference to my overall calorie intake.


Tip 3 – Don’t give up the things you love

One of the things that make you feel really miserable when you go on a ‘diet’ is that you often feel you have to totally give up the things you like.  This could be savoury things like cheese or crisps; or it could be sweet things such as chocolate or biscuits, or it could be alcohol such as wine or beer.  You will know the things that you really love.

The real key to losing weight and keeping it off is not to think of your new way of eating as a ‘diet’ but thinking of it more as eating healthily.

In this way you can adjust your eating and portions sizes reducing the amount of calories you eat overall, but can also plan in things you love.  You may find there are things you can do without and others you just can’t and if you recognise this you will be able to adjust your eating and lose weight without feeling miserable.

If you deny yourself something you really can’t live without you are more likely to go back to old habits and not lose weight or even worse put more on.

For me my three things I didn’t think I could live without were chocolate, cheese and wine, very much in that order. I gave up alcohol totally while I was losing weight; I only had cheese added to food as part of a recipe, so I still got the taste and used low fat cheese spreads and things like Philadelphia for sauces, and finally I built a small amount of chocolate into my diet as a treat most days.

Tip 4 Getting help from your supporters

Quite often when people decide they want to lose weight they keep it very much to themselves.  This can be a sign that they don’t believe they can do it and don’t want people to think that they have failed, or that they want people to think they are happy as they are.

Being overweight doesn’t have to make you miserable but often people who are overweight are finding life more difficult; this might be moving around; finding clothes they want to wear that fit; suffering with health problems or lacking in confidence.

Actually sharing your goal of wanting to lose weight with friends, family and or work colleagues will make your goal more real. More importantly you can enlist their help with food choices.

For me I often volunteered to drive if we were out with friends, therefore I didn’t drink, friends always welcomed that; at work when people often brought in cakes and/or sweets I suggested that we also had a fruit bowl and when I cooked for the family I fed them the same healthy meals I was eating but just slightly larger portions


Tip 5 Recognise Your Trigger Points

When you have decided to lose weight and you start to see results you will hopefully stay on track but life happens and this often means that there are things that make you go off the rails

I would term these as trigger points and they can be things such as bad day at work; a crisis at home; an argument with your partner/children/friends; worrying about something you have got to do or should have done and I could go on.  All these things have the potential to send you in direction of comfort food which is more likely to be a bar of chocolate than an apple.

So do you know the things that can send you off the rails and sabotage your weight loss?  When you think about it you will, and the key is to develop strategies to handle these situations without resorting to food or drink.  Working with a coach can really help but there are simple things you can do for yourself.

 For me work pressure was always a trigger for eating things like chocolate or having wine when I got home from work. Relaxing in the bath or painting my nails was always a good alternative but ultimately as I lost weight exercise became the thing that helped me to beat stress and improve my mood.

Tip 6 Exercise

You may have been wondering when exercise would be mentioned.  The simple equation for weight loss is that you need to eat less and move more so increasing the amount exercise you do is very obvious.  However this does not mean running a marathon or even going to a gym the critical thing is to do something.  If you have a fitbit, pedometer or app on your phone to check your activity the first thing to do is to see how much you are moving each day.  In you are in an office job and drive to work you will probably be shocked at how little you are moving.

Whatever it is, just commit to increase it each week and build up to doing some exercise.  The critical thing is finding something that you enjoy doing, that could be swimming, walking, running, the gym or at home on a Wii fit or Kinnect.  The key is you need to like it or you will not keep it up.

For me I was shocked when I realised I was walking less than 1,000 steps a day at my heaviest.  I increased this steadily by 500 steps a day each week until I got to point when I would do at least 10,000 steps each day and coupled this with going to the gym or swimming.  I have found this a great way to keep fit, tone up as I lost weight but most importantly cope with stress without turning to chocolate.  You really can’t lose anything but weight if you exercise.


Tip 7 Celebrate Success

My final tip is to make sure that you celebrate success.  Not only when you get to your ideal weight but also on the way. You may have developed a weight problem by rewarding yourself with food, this is something that can develop from childhood if you have been given sweets as a treat when you have done something well.

This is a habit you need to break so reward yourself with something other than food. If you have children you may also want to think about how you reward them so they don’t get into the pattern of food being a reward rather than fuel!

If you have set yourself milestones to get to your ideal weight such as each ½ stone or each dress size then reward yourself with something such as a beauty treatment, a computer game you wanted, a sum of money to go towards you new wardrobe. You decide!

For me I really wanted to be able to wear different clothes so I bought some things in a smaller size, but from a charity shop and sold some of my larger clothes to generate some cash for a new wardrobe when I got to my ideal weight.  Reducing from a size 20 to a size 10 meant everything even shoes were too big.  So putting aside some money was really useful.

I hope that you have found these tips helpful and if you want a free health check and a discussion about joining my weight-away plans I would love to hear from you.

Do you exercise to lose weight?

Some people think that exercising is the answer to weight loss.  It can certainly help but on its own it is not likely to help you lose as much weight as you think.

Looking at some typical exercises did you know that

30 minutes of swimming averages  200 calories

30 minutes of fast walking averages  100 calories

30 minutes of running averages  300 calories

All this depends on your weight and the speed you do, but if you think of the typical calories in some of the snacks you might be having it becomes a very sobering thought. for example

Walkers Ready Salted Crisps are 171 calories

A Mars Bar 260 calories

A Signature Tall Hot Chocolate from Starbucks 393 calories

That doesn’t mean that exercise is a waste of time as it helps to keep you fit, stimulates your metabolism and of course tones you up.  But you can easily undo all the good if you tuck into sugary snacks, drinks and crisps.

Personally I aim to walk at least 10,000 steps a day and add whatever else I can fit in such as swimming and a session at gym at least 3 times a week  (not done so well with the swimming and gym recently because of my broken wrist but aiming to get back to it in the New Year now I am on the mend)

If you want to know more about eating healthily and exercising to lose weight I would love to hear from you.

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Getting back to fitness in October

For those of you who follow my blog will know that I broke my wrist 8 weeks ago and have had it plated and screwed.

They thought at the hospital that the plate had moved which resulted in a CT scan to check but fortunately it is okay and I am going to have to be patient for it to fully heal. Meaning that I will be a splint for at least another 6 weeks.

However I decided enough was enough as I hadn’t been exercising as much as I normally do and I was beginning to feel lethargic and depressed.  I have therefore decided to get back into exercise in October and will walk at least 10,000 steps per day and do more if I can to build up my strength.  Having decided this last Wednesday when the hospital finally confirmed I didn’t need another op I started to build up to this with 8,000 steps on Thursday and I immediately started to feel better so it is true that exercise helps your mood.

I am now on day 4 of increasing my exercise and had surpassed the 10,000 steps a day every day and feeling that I have a new lease of life.

For anyone who is trying to lose weight exercise is not a must but I have to say that it does make you feel better.  I can really only walk at the moment because of my wrist but it has helped my mood and stopped me feeling that I want to pick at snacks.

If you want to know about healthy eating to help you lose weight I would love to help you.

Still can’t get my rings on but getting there and feeling happier and at the gym

at the gym



Looking for Inspiration!

I have been following the Paralympic Games in Rio and you just can’t help but be proud and inspired at how well our athletes are doing and how they do not let their disability stop them from achieving.

One of the reasons this has struck me so much is that I have found myself feeling so sorry for myself as I am recovering from a broken wrist.  It is far more painful than I thought it would be and is taking longer than I expected but I have reminded myself that it will get better!

Although this is in the hands of a surgeon to some degree and  there will be a lot of physiotherapy to do, this seems so small in comparison to what our athletes are doing. Their disabilities remain with them but they succeed!

This why I feel that taking control of what you can in life is so important and is why I am still so proud that I lost my weight to be healthy and happy and can help others do the same.

So what inspires you?

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Recovering but impatient!

As those of you who follow my blog, you will be aware that I fell and broke my wrist two weeks ago.

It was a week until I had an operation to put a plate and screws in the wrist to stabilise it and a week on I am still unable to use my left arm, in plaster and in a sling and feeling very impatient.

It has made me think though about others who face life changing injuries or illnesses that will not improve in time. I know that  I am in fortunate position to have family round me to help; doctors who specialise in treating my injury and the prospect of making a full recovery.

Knowing that you can and will get better is a wonderful thing even if you are suffering some temporary pain and discomfort and I know that my attitude to losing weight was the same.

I knew I could take control of what I ate; I knew I had family and friends who would support me and I knew that there was a lot of great advice to call upon about healthy eating and exercise.

My aim this week is to get back walking and on the treadmill and bike at the gym, even though I am still in a sling, as I am sure the exercise will make me feel a lot better after sitting around for a week literally just twiddling my fingers.

If you want to know more on how I lost weight and have kept it off for 6 years now email me at enquiries@weight-away.org.

Does sport want to make you exercise?

There is so much sport to watch at the moment on the TV.  From Tennis to Motorsport and of course football although watching England has been painful.

I feel though that it is inspiring to see people who are fit and healthy exceeding at something they enjoy but one of the things that I find helpful is that I can exercise at my local gym and still watch the sport on the TV while I am on the treadmill or bike.

One of things that really helps when you ate trying to lose weight is doing some regular exercise as not only will this help to boost your metabolism but it will also tone you up as you lose weight and this can be very important if you have a lot of weight to lose.

So if you are not exercising the best advice I can give you is to find something you enjoy doing because if you don’t you won’t keep it up.  I know so many people who have signed up to contracts at gyms never to go after the first few visits.  Just walking can help but make sure you find time to do some exercise and you really will notice the difference

at the gym

How to avoid becoming a statistic

We have got bigger as a nation as we do less exercise and eat more processed food

In the press this week we were told that

Britain has the biggest weight problem of any European country, with two thirds of men and more than half of women classified as overweight or obese. Last week a study forecast that 38 per cent of Britons would be obese by 2025, making the country the fattest in the continent.

If you want to avoid being one of people in these statistics you may need help to avoid temptation. I say this because all around us there are adverts and offers for food that can result in us gaining weight. Knowing how to eat healthily whilst still having the occasional treat is the key to losing weight and keeping it off.

The answer will never be a quick fix of pills or replacement foods or crash diets because when you stop these and go back to how you were eating the weight will just pile back on.  You can eat well with your family and friends by changing your approach to eating and just a few changes can make a lot of difference

  • eating regular meals
  • cutting out snacks
  • having more vegetables
  • walking whenever you can
  • reducing the amount of sugar you eat

These are just a few things that can make a difference but if you want to know more visit http://www.weight-away.org for healthy eating plans, recipes and support.

Don’t become a statistic!