Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas from Weight Away and I hope you enjoy your time with your family and friends and enjoy all the festivities.

If you are thinking that your New Year Resolution will be to lose weight or be more healthy then I would love to hear from you.

I will be offering the opportunity to pay up front for 3 months on the Weight Away Plans and to get the 4th month free. Plans start from £9.99 per month and for most people that would enable them to lose at least 2 stone but up to 3 stone if they have a lot to lose.

So enjoy Christmas and if you want to know more you have nothing to lose except weight by contacting me for a free consultation at http://www.weight-away.org



On the run up to Christmas-a gift

I thought that if you see or regularly read my blog you would  welcome a copy of my Weight Away Christmas Special. You can read or print this by clicking the attachment.

Hopefully you will find some helpful hints and tips, along with menu ideas and recipes. That can help you enjoy Christmas without piling on the pounds.

This gives a useful insight to the type of help you get at Weight Away so I hope you enjoy.



Christmas is coming

Yes Christmas is coming and I wondered if you are thinking that you wish you had lost weight this year.  Perhaps promising yourself that in the New Year you really will go on the diet to shift your weight for good.

I know I have been there in previous years regretting that I was still overweight and couldn’t get into clothes I wanted to for the Xmas Party.

Well if this you and you want to make 2017 the year that you beat a weight issue then I would love to speak to you.

I am only writing a short blog this week as I have been away for a few days enjoying a city break.  It was good that I did a lot of walking both sightseeing and shopping in the fabulous city of Oxford as well as attending an Alabama 3 gig which involved a lot of dancing.  Hopefully that will have counteracted the alcohol!

Life doesn’t have to be dull when you are losing weight or keeping it off, everything is just a balance.

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Can you resist these ?


You can tell that Christmas is coming as these types of tins of sweets and chocolates are starting to appear in the supermarkets


Image result for cadbury's rosesImage result for cadbury roses

If you buy them – ask yourself honestly who is going to eat them?

I know in previous years I have bought large tins of chocolates for when we had visitors over Christmas but found myself with lots left and the massive temptation of just having one which often could lead to two or three.  If I am honest probably more.

They can be a real temptation if you are just sitting watching the TV.

So if you want to avoid piling on the pounds over Christmas just don’t buy them but if you need to have a few things in the house try this size instead

Image result for quality streetImage result for cadbury's roses

If you have been losing weight don’t let Christmas undo everything you have achieved and if you want any help in tackling your weight then I would love to help you!


Happy Christmas from Weight Away

For all of you who read and comment on my blog I wish you all a Happy Christmas and a Prosperous and Healthy New Year.

I know that Christmas can be a difficult time for those of you who are trying to lose weight but it isn’t the end of the world if you put on a few pounds and you will be in good company as the majority of people do find their waist bands a bit tighter by the New Year.

The main thing is to get back on track with your healthy eating.  Or you may be thinking of losing weight being your New Year Resolution.

If so, there are exciting offers at Weight Away where I am offering a free months membership if you sign up and pay for 3 months.  You will get your 4th month free and in that time you could lose a minimum of 2 stones but also could lose 3 stone at the rate of 2lbs a week which is the healthy way to lose weight and be able to keep it off.

Equally if you are a new mum looking to shift that baby weight and do this sensibly while still being able to eat with the family there is a 20% discount if your child in under 2 years old.  I can still help if you are still breast feeding.

So if you interested just visit http://www.weight-away.org and use the contact form to register your interest.






What do you need to avoid at Christmas?

So here we are with Christmas just around the corner and already temptation will be everywhere.  Tins of sweets in the office, works parties and even things in the home you have bought early. So how to cope.

There are five things that I used to have regularly at Christmas but that I now do without or have strategies to help me.  If these are your problem areas you might find this helpful

A Terrys Chocolate Orange

I was always given one of these at Christmas but with 45 calories per segment and a whopping 926 calories in a whole one I now leave well alone

Baileys Cream

A really popular drink at Xmas and I love it poured over ice- really yummy, but with a pub measure (and who actually stciks to that) at 150 calories it is not my tipple of choice

Boxes or tins of chocolate and sweets such as Quality Street/Roses/Thorntons

Typically any three sweets or chocolates can be anything from 130-180 calories and seriously can you stop at three.  If the tin is there its easy to just keep having one and where do you stop

Christmas Pudding 

I really love this but I am the only one in my family who does.  A typical portion is 330 calories before you add cream or brandy butter so I now just don’t have it.

Salted Peanuts

At 6 calories a nut and 100 calories for a small handful these are not great if you want to avoid piling on weight.  Plus they make you thirsty so can be a double whammy

So what to do instead.

Get the orange kick from another Christmas favourite, the tangerine, which at only 50 calories a fruit is a great alternative to the Terry’s variety

Pick a tipple which is lower in calories. Mine is a vodka and slimline tonic which at 70 calories you have almost  2 for 1 comparing it to Baileys

Just buy a small box of chocolates, if you do have get them. Put a few in a small sweet dish and when they have gone they have gone.

Find a dessert recipe that has the festive feel such as a mixed fruit compote with some crème fresh as an alternative to Christmas Pudding, much lighter anyway after a Christmas dinner.  There was a suggestion in my blog last week.

And if like me you really think Christmas isn’t Christmas without some nuts then get a small bag of mixed dried fruit and nuts, which are healthier, but remember still high in calories

Finally if there is one thing that you really can’t do without at Christmas then have it but remember Christmas is only one day.






So how is your planning going for Xmas?

Well here we are at the end of November being bombarded with emails about Black Friday and Cyber Monday and Christmas is almost here. So how is your planning going?

I know that I am dreadful with Christmas shopping and every year I promise myself I will start earlier. I must say that this year I have done some so I have been better, but I know I will still be rushing around in the final week.

It is also the time that many of us come to the realisation that we haven’t lost the weight we said we would at the beginning of the year and we promise ourselves that we will start again in the New Year and this time we will mean it.

If this is you then I would love to help you at Weight Away and as a New Year offer for clients signing up in January and paying 3 months in advance the 4th month will be free.

If you are interested let me know but in the mean time I am attaching the Weight Away Christmas Special which has some helpful hints tips and recipes to help over the festive period. You can contact me via my blog or visit http://www.weight-away.org

weight away xmas special 2015