Do you exercise to lose weight?

Some people think that exercising is the answer to weight loss.  It can certainly help but on its own it is not likely to help you lose as much weight as you think.

Looking at some typical exercises did you know that

30 minutes of swimming averages  200 calories

30 minutes of fast walking averages  100 calories

30 minutes of running averages  300 calories

All this depends on your weight and the speed you do, but if you think of the typical calories in some of the snacks you might be having it becomes a very sobering thought. for example

Walkers Ready Salted Crisps are 171 calories

A Mars Bar 260 calories

A Signature Tall Hot Chocolate from Starbucks 393 calories

That doesn’t mean that exercise is a waste of time as it helps to keep you fit, stimulates your metabolism and of course tones you up.  But you can easily undo all the good if you tuck into sugary snacks, drinks and crisps.

Personally I aim to walk at least 10,000 steps a day and add whatever else I can fit in such as swimming and a session at gym at least 3 times a week  (not done so well with the swimming and gym recently because of my broken wrist but aiming to get back to it in the New Year now I am on the mend)

If you want to know more about eating healthily and exercising to lose weight I would love to hear from you.

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Can you resist these ?


You can tell that Christmas is coming as these types of tins of sweets and chocolates are starting to appear in the supermarkets


Image result for cadbury's rosesImage result for cadbury roses

If you buy them – ask yourself honestly who is going to eat them?

I know in previous years I have bought large tins of chocolates for when we had visitors over Christmas but found myself with lots left and the massive temptation of just having one which often could lead to two or three.  If I am honest probably more.

They can be a real temptation if you are just sitting watching the TV.

So if you want to avoid piling on the pounds over Christmas just don’t buy them but if you need to have a few things in the house try this size instead

Image result for quality streetImage result for cadbury's roses

If you have been losing weight don’t let Christmas undo everything you have achieved and if you want any help in tackling your weight then I would love to help you!


Are you an emotional eater?

One of the things that can make you overweight is letting your emotions dictate your eating habits but you can change this.

I know that I was an emotional eater and basically I would eat when I was unhappy or stressed but equally I also celebrated with food so eating was not just fuel for my body it provided so much more.

It can be difficult to break the habit of emotional eating and certainly it is easier to break the habit of eating to celebrate than it is to tackle the eating related to stress and unhappiness.  But the first step in any change is recognising that you have an issue with emotional eating .

So if you are turning to chocolate, wine, crisps, cake or any other typical ‘comfort food’  to cheer you up or relieve stress then you probably are an emotional eater.

I did all of this and when I was overweight and ate things that I knew I shouldn’t I only ate more to make me feel better.  Not a great solution so if you want to know how to break away from emotional eating just contact me at and I will be happy to offer  you a free initial consultation.

Believe me if I can stop emotional eating then so can you !

Emotional Eating _NEW

Happy Easter

Happy Easter and I hope like me you enjoy this holiday with your family.

Of course at Easter we all tend to be spoilt with the traditional chocolate Easter eggs and so much more.  The one thing that is so difficult with chocolate is that it so easy to eat and so difficult to resist.

I have been given  lovely box of Lily O’Brien dessert chocolates instead of an egg and these are quite hard to resist but I will try to just have one or two today and then keep the others so I can have one with a cup of coffee each day.

Thinking back to Easter Eggs though it can be a good idea after Easter Sunday to break these up if you have a  lot and put the pieces in the freezer to have as a treat from time to time.

I know this Easter it will be hard to resist chocolate particularly as the weather forecast is so bad.

But I do think having a little bit of chocolate to look forward to is better then the feeling you have when you have eaten too much chocolate perhaps feel a little sick but certainly guilty.

2016-03-27 14.42.36

My Easter Treat


Did you know it is milk chocolate day tomorrow?

If you are like me and have struggled with your weight you probably have never needed an excuse to eat chocolate. That’s why I found it interesting to see that tomorrow (Tuesday) is actually Milk Chocolate Day.

As if any of us whose passion is chocolate need a special day to eat it.

Seriously though if chocolate is something you feel you can’t live without you need to find a way to have a little of what you want without letting it affect your weight loss or making you gain weight.

So a few tips to help

– if you eat chocolate every day try to adopt at 5:2 approach and start by making 2 days a week chocolate free
– if you manage this you can gradually increase the number of days that you don’t eat chocolate
– chose dark chocolate you will find you need less to satisfy any cravings
– have small portions and make sure you savour them rather than just popping chocolate into your mouth without thinking

And finally if you really find yourself eating a whole large bar of chocolate or finishing a whole box of chocolates just put it behind you and try some of the tips above.

If you need help and support to kick a chocolate habit contact

So its Chocolate Week

Did you know that this week is officially CHOCOLATE WEEK!

If you are anything like me then every week is chocolate week -yes you guessed it I love chocolate.

So if you love chocolate how can you still eat chocolate and lose weight.  It can be done, but there are a few key things you need to do to ensure that your love of chocolate doesn’t sabotage your desire to lose weight.

  • Include small amounts of chocolate in your planned eating.
  • If you struggle in the evenings plan a snack as part of your eating plan.
  • Buying good quality dark chocolate can satisfy chocolate craving with just a couple of squares of chocolate perhaps with a cup of coffee
  • Make sure that the chocolate snacks you have are portion controlled.  Such as treat size bags, or two fingered KitKats, or a Curly Wurly.
  • Try not to exceed 140 calories a day in chocolate as you will not only be consuming calories but you will be taking a very big chunk out of the daily recommended level of sugar.
  • If you find yourself turning to chocolate when you are stressed try to find something else that will help you.  Exercise can be a great way to relieve stress, but a long soak in the bath could also suffice.
  • Finally if you are eating chocolate every day you could start with a 5:2 approach cutting out chocolate 2 days a week to begin with -you never know you may even get to the point when you only have chocolate on 2 days a week and abstain for the other 5.

Personally I am on a 4:3 split but still trying

So why not celebrate Chocolate Week by taking control of your Chocolate eating!