Getting ready for Summer

If you promised yourself last year that you would lose weight before your summer holiday and didn’t and here you are again looking forward to this years holiday feeling overweight and unhappy about how you look then why not take action now.

If you are going on holiday in July you still have three months to lose weight and with my weight loss plan could lose up to 2lb per week and be around 2 stone lighter.  This equates to 2 dress/trouser sizes so if you have summer clothes you want to get into why not start now.

I have just taken my summer clothes out of the loft and will be going through them this week to check that I still want them all but I do have the comfort that I know that they fit. It can be so depressing when you have clothes you really want to wear but they are too tight.  I will though either sell or give some charity if I know I won’t wear them or they don’t suit me anymore. This makes space for some new items!

So why not contact me to discuss losing weight eating ordinary foods but getting extraordinary results.  You will not have to buy any supplements or shakes and you will be supported with a personalised plan, recipes, hints and tips and personal coaching if you sign up to my full plan.

What have you got lose other than weight!

Summer Clothes ready for sorting

I sort and pack my summer and winter clothes and store them in vacuum packs on the great advice of my daughter Kate who runs a decluttering business if you want advice and help to organise your wardrobes, kitchens or in fact any space that you feel is too clutter then she will be the answer at

Do you support a Charity

If you have been thinking of losing weight but are finding it hard to get started why not get yourself sponsored for your favourite Charity.

  • This can be a very good way of actually committing to lose weight publicly, which makes it real.
  • It can help you, as your friends and supporters of the Charity will  give you more help, as they will have a vested interest in your success.
  • It will make you feel responsible for keeping on track, as you have said you will raise money for a good cause.

So why wait- I am offering a 20% discount on my plans to anyone who signs up to lose weight with sponsorship for a Charity.  You can check this out on my website at  or contact me through this blog.

When I think of the weight I lost myself, I am kicking myself for not getting sponsored for charity.

I lost a total of 75 pounds, which if I had been sponsored £1 per pound by just 10 people it would have raised £750 for one of my favourite Charities which is Cancer Research