Eating out in December

One of the things that can trip you up if you are trying to lose weight is eating out particularly on the run up to Christmas.

It doesn’t need to if you just give it a bit of thought and try to balance the days  that you do eat out by filling up on vegetable soup for lunch or your evening meal if you have eaten out for the other meal.

One thing that can be really helpful though, is when you eat at a place where you know what the calories are in each meal, as it can help you to make more informed choices.  A good example of this is at Wetherspoons who have added the calories to their seasonal menu.

Personally as I love risottos the creamy mushroom risotto looks a good choice or the Chicken, stuffing and cranberry panini. The choice is yours but at least you can enjoy it if you are balancing the rest of the day


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