Why drinking water is important

I know that often people say that you should drink between 6–8 glasses of water a day and generally I try to do this.  There are lots of things that make it important

  • it helps to keep your body working at its best
  • it can help to reduce cellulite
  • it can help you feel fuller if you drink before a meal
  • it helps your complexion
  • it is low cost
  • has no sugar
  • won’t damage your teeth

and I could go on, but this week I really realised why it is so important. On Tuesday I was very busy and really didn’t drink much at all and certainly not my 6-8 glasses of water.  By Wednesday I felt I might be getting a water infection and by Thursday I was on the phone to the doctors as it had really taken hold

If you haven’t had a water infection be pleased, as they are not that pleasant and the constant feeling of wanting to pee but then not being able to and having a burning sensation is something to be avoided.

Guess what the first advice with the dose of antibiotics was?

Yes to drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol and caffeine.

I won’t be making the same mistake again if at all possible

So just think how much are you drinking each day and would you want the benefits


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