Summer is great for salads

The summer is great for having salads but often people tell me that they find them boring.

If you have lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes and perhaps some spring onions you will soon begin to find them uninteresting but it is so easy to add things to a salad to liven them up.

Easy things are

  • sliced raw mushrooms
  • celery
  • radishes
  • basil leaves
  • nuts
  • feta cheese
  • olives
  • edible flowers (e.g. nasturtiums)
  • chives and their flowers
  • hard boiled egg
  • tuna
  • spinach
  • raisins or sultanas
  • and of course fruit.

These are just a few of the things that I add to salads to keep them interesting either as a meal or as side for a piece of chicken or salmon for example, so try adding different things and you will soon find them interesting

All Bruton’s recipes were tested to prove that they work

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