Celebrating Mothers Day

If like me you are a mother in the UK you will have been celebrating Mothers Day with your family. It is the day when you feel appreciated and I count my blessings that I have two lovely daughters, their partners and a beautiful granddaughter to celebrate it with.

Whilst today hopefully you will have been pampered usually it will be you who organise the meals. Typically, although I accept it is not always the case, Mothers are the focal point of the  family’s eating habits and I know that sometimes this can be difficult as you try to accommodate  different likes and dislikes; try to think of different things to cook; and get something on table quickly.

This is why in my Weight Away plans I try to include lots of recipes that are quick to cook, that you can freeze and hopefully with some flexibility to adjust them if one of the family really doesn’t like a particular ingredient.

If you want to know about my approach to healthy eating and how you can use it to feed your family as well as lose weight then I would love to hear from you. Next week will feature another recipe for you to enjoy if you follow my blog.


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