Is your New Year Resolution to lose weight?

If your New Year Resolution is to lose weight then don’t be taken in by expensive diets.

As a qualified nutritionist I get bombarded by emails from people offering miracle cures that promise that you can lose weight quickly, sometimes as much as a 23lbs in just three weeks.

This sounds too good to be true and it is!

Any diet that suggests that you can lose weight quickly is almost certainly guaranteed to be one that as soon as you stop, the weight will pile back on and you are into the saga of yo-yo dieting.

This can be more dangerous than being a bit overweight.  It can also involve spending a lot of money on supplements and replacements foods.  If there really was a miracle cure to help you lose weight I think it would be prescribed by the NHS.

If you want to know more about how you can eat ordinary food and get extraordinary results, which will help you lose weight and keep it off for life then just contact me to get

  • personal healthy eating plans that you can use for the whole family
  • empathy from someone who has been there but has the answer
  • support to conquer emotional eating
  • lots of hints and tips to cope with all sorts of situations that involve food

I will be posting some recipes that I feature on my plans over the next few weeks so if you think you would be interested in hearing more just ring me on 07718 283514 for a free no obligation chat.

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