It’s great to plan a wedding

Whilst it is fun to be spontaneous in life some things do need some planning and weddings are certainly one of the things that come into that category.

I been plotting with my daughter all the things we need to get done before her wedding in the summer next year and how some of them you just can’t get on with until others have been completed. Yesterday was spent writing invitations which is the beginning of getting to precise numbers for the day!

This is really exciting and of course there is a date in place to keep us focussed to make sure we get everything done and part of that is making sure we are both in the best shape we can be for the day.

Whilst my daughter is not overweight she does want to lose a few pounds to look her best but knows that there is no need for any drastic action or miracle plan.  Just healthy eating and exercise and she uses lots of my Weight Away recipes to help with that.

I will be joining her to lose the weight I have put on whilst getting over my broken wrist, I am not a lot  heavier but weigh more than I usually do from not being able to exercise for about 6 weeks and I confess to a bit of comfort eating when feeling sorry for myself.  We are all human!

So if you have an event that you want to get into shape for I can help  with plans, recipes and support to get you to where you want to be. So just get in touch.


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