Looking for Inspiration!

I have been following the Paralympic Games in Rio and you just can’t help but be proud and inspired at how well our athletes are doing and how they do not let their disability stop them from achieving.

One of the reasons this has struck me so much is that I have found myself feeling so sorry for myself as I am recovering from a broken wrist.  It is far more painful than I thought it would be and is taking longer than I expected but I have reminded myself that it will get better!

Although this is in the hands of a surgeon to some degree and  there will be a lot of physiotherapy to do, this seems so small in comparison to what our athletes are doing. Their disabilities remain with them but they succeed!

This why I feel that taking control of what you can in life is so important and is why I am still so proud that I lost my weight to be healthy and happy and can help others do the same.

So what inspires you?

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