Why would you pay for replacement meals?

When you are desperate to lose weight it can be tempting to turn to anything that offers a quick fix.

A lot of approaches such a Slimfast; LighterLife; Slenderiiz and Herbalife offer anything from replacement meals, shakes, drops and drinks at a price to help you lose weight. There is no doubt that all of these will work depending on your commitment to stick to a plan and you will lose weight often too quickly to be healthy but the chances of you keeping the weight off are slim.

You will also be considerably out of pocket as all these things cost!

I decided to check out just one LighterLife replacement meal- the porridge which costs a staggering £14.70 for 7 days.Looking at the nutritional information it only has 153 calories per 40g serving and more salt than a bowl of Quaker Oats.

40g of Quaker Oats with 300mls skimmed milk will provide 230 calories a much healthier amount to eat at breakfast and is packed with vitamins and amino acids.

You can buy a box of Quaker Oats that provides 25 servings for around £2.00 i.e. 8p per serving which if you add the cost of  the milk at around 40p per serving  for 7 days this gives a total of less than £3.50 against the cost of the Lighter Life replacement at £14.70.

You may think it is worth buying ‘diet plans’ it as it makes your life easier but if the weight all goes back on at the end it isn’t  necessarily the answer.

You may think it is quicker to have the replacement meal but you can microwave the Quaker Oats in just 5 minutes so really it is that easy to eat normally.

If you want to know more about eating healthily without breaking the bank I would be delighted to talk to you  just contact me via this blog or at enquiries@weight-away.org


What is being overweight doing to you?

I decided to watch the BBC 3 programme on line that shows the effects of obesity through an actual post mortem.

I think that anyone who is carrying too much weight would want to take action to minimise the risk of what fat can do your organs and seeing this in such a graphic way really made me think.

I can remember being given the advice to microwave a pork pie for 30 secs to see how much fat came out of it. The person who suggested I did this said it would put me off pork pies for life.  They were right and you can do the same with a sausage roll but this seems all a bit trivial when you see the fat inside a body.

People who contributed to the show talking about their own weight problems had spoken about health problems but also lack of self esteem and confidence. Their courage to speak out was based on the worries they had about their health.  When you were able to see the fat surrounding the organs in the the post mortem and in particular the impact on the liver it was terrifying.

The fact that 64% of the UK population are overweight or obese now and that is expected to rise to 75% by 2035 is really worrying. Particularly  when we already know that 90% of people with Type 2 diabetes are overweight or obese and that is just one of many health risks.  You can add heart disease, stroke, cancer and liver failure.

If you have the stomach for it this documentary is worth a watch and if it inspires you do something about your own weight then I would be delighted to support you in that. You can contact me by emailing enquiries@weight-away.org 

You can see the programme at http://bbc.in/2cSCh4N

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Looking for Inspiration!

I have been following the Paralympic Games in Rio and you just can’t help but be proud and inspired at how well our athletes are doing and how they do not let their disability stop them from achieving.

One of the reasons this has struck me so much is that I have found myself feeling so sorry for myself as I am recovering from a broken wrist.  It is far more painful than I thought it would be and is taking longer than I expected but I have reminded myself that it will get better!

Although this is in the hands of a surgeon to some degree and  there will be a lot of physiotherapy to do, this seems so small in comparison to what our athletes are doing. Their disabilities remain with them but they succeed!

This why I feel that taking control of what you can in life is so important and is why I am still so proud that I lost my weight to be healthy and happy and can help others do the same.

So what inspires you?

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Are you struggling to lose weight?

Lots of us want to lose weight and find it hard to do this when we think of giving things up that we love to eat.

Equally lots of us think that it will cost more to eat healthily

Neither of these things are true and at http://www.weight-away.org I help people with personalised plans that help them to lose weight without giving up everything they love and without it costing a fortune with lots of faddy foods or supplements.

If you have tried food supplements or extreme diets and lost weight quickly only to put it all back on again then the Weight Away approach avoids this and have clients who even a year after being on my plans are still at their ideal weights

So if you want or need to lose weight I would be delighted to help you and  you can contact me at enquiries@weight-away.org for a free initial consultation. You can see my advert in the attached link and I won an award as the best Weight Loss Coach in Staffordshire from this organisation in June.

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