It is that time of year!

I think that the August Bank Holiday is a time when people think about changing something and often this can be losing weight!

If you have come back from holiday, taken a look at your holiday photos and not liked what you saw you will not be on your own.  I know that it was a holiday picture that finally made me resolve to do something about my weight. If you look back through my blog posts you will see the picture!

If you find yourself in that position then there are a few things you can do to eat more healthily and lose weight such as

  • To increase the amount of vegetables and fruit you eat
  • Cook food freshly and avoid processed foods
  • Eat less sugary snacks
  • Up your activity or start a new one
  • Set yourself some goals

If you want help to do this I would be delighted to help and you can contact me by emailing me for a free consultation and to find out more about the Weight Away Plans. Eat ordinary food and get extraordinary results.  You have nothing to lose apart from weight!


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