Recovering but impatient!

As those of you who follow my blog, you will be aware that I fell and broke my wrist two weeks ago.

It was a week until I had an operation to put a plate and screws in the wrist to stabilise it and a week on I am still unable to use my left arm, in plaster and in a sling and feeling very impatient.

It has made me think though about others who face life changing injuries or illnesses that will not improve in time. I know that  I am in fortunate position to have family round me to help; doctors who specialise in treating my injury and the prospect of making a full recovery.

Knowing that you can and will get better is a wonderful thing even if you are suffering some temporary pain and discomfort and I know that my attitude to losing weight was the same.

I knew I could take control of what I ate; I knew I had family and friends who would support me and I knew that there was a lot of great advice to call upon about healthy eating and exercise.

My aim this week is to get back walking and on the treadmill and bike at the gym, even though I am still in a sling, as I am sure the exercise will make me feel a lot better after sitting around for a week literally just twiddling my fingers.

If you want to know more on how I lost weight and have kept it off for 6 years now email me at

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