Are you an emotional eater?

One of the things that can make you overweight is letting your emotions dictate your eating habits but you can change this.

I know that I was an emotional eater and basically I would eat when I was unhappy or stressed but equally I also celebrated with food so eating was not just fuel for my body it provided so much more.

It can be difficult to break the habit of emotional eating and certainly it is easier to break the habit of eating to celebrate than it is to tackle the eating related to stress and unhappiness.  But the first step in any change is recognising that you have an issue with emotional eating .

So if you are turning to chocolate, wine, crisps, cake or any other typical ‘comfort food’  to cheer you up or relieve stress then you probably are an emotional eater.

I did all of this and when I was overweight and ate things that I knew I shouldn’t I only ate more to make me feel better.  Not a great solution so if you want to know how to break away from emotional eating just contact me at and I will be happy to offer  you a free initial consultation.

Believe me if I can stop emotional eating then so can you !

Emotional Eating _NEW

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