It is that time of year!

I think that the August Bank Holiday is a time when people think about changing something and often this can be losing weight!

If you have come back from holiday, taken a look at your holiday photos and not liked what you saw you will not be on your own.  I know that it was a holiday picture that finally made me resolve to do something about my weight. If you look back through my blog posts you will see the picture!

If you find yourself in that position then there are a few things you can do to eat more healthily and lose weight such as

  • To increase the amount of vegetables and fruit you eat
  • Cook food freshly and avoid processed foods
  • Eat less sugary snacks
  • Up your activity or start a new one
  • Set yourself some goals

If you want help to do this I would be delighted to help and you can contact me by emailing me for a free consultation and to find out more about the Weight Away Plans. Eat ordinary food and get extraordinary results.  You have nothing to lose apart from weight!


Recovering but impatient!

As those of you who follow my blog, you will be aware that I fell and broke my wrist two weeks ago.

It was a week until I had an operation to put a plate and screws in the wrist to stabilise it and a week on I am still unable to use my left arm, in plaster and in a sling and feeling very impatient.

It has made me think though about others who face life changing injuries or illnesses that will not improve in time. I know that  I am in fortunate position to have family round me to help; doctors who specialise in treating my injury and the prospect of making a full recovery.

Knowing that you can and will get better is a wonderful thing even if you are suffering some temporary pain and discomfort and I know that my attitude to losing weight was the same.

I knew I could take control of what I ate; I knew I had family and friends who would support me and I knew that there was a lot of great advice to call upon about healthy eating and exercise.

My aim this week is to get back walking and on the treadmill and bike at the gym, even though I am still in a sling, as I am sure the exercise will make me feel a lot better after sitting around for a week literally just twiddling my fingers.

If you want to know more on how I lost weight and have kept it off for 6 years now email me at

Accidents happen

For people who follow my blog regularly I apologise for not publishing my blog last week. Unfortunately it was because I fell and broke my wrist quite badly and was in a lot of pain.

As I am typing this one handed I am waiting to go into hospital to have it plated to realign it. Hopefully this will help a quicker recovery.

It has been interesting though just to realise how dependent you are on having two hands. Just getting dressed has been a challenge as I realised I had very few clothes without zips or buttons. Fastening a bra almost impossible!

The one real benefit though is that snacking is quite difficult when you can’t open things. I wouldn’t recommend it as a weight loss strategy though.

Hope to be back posting hints tips and recipes next week !

Are you an emotional eater?

One of the things that can make you overweight is letting your emotions dictate your eating habits but you can change this.

I know that I was an emotional eater and basically I would eat when I was unhappy or stressed but equally I also celebrated with food so eating was not just fuel for my body it provided so much more.

It can be difficult to break the habit of emotional eating and certainly it is easier to break the habit of eating to celebrate than it is to tackle the eating related to stress and unhappiness.  But the first step in any change is recognising that you have an issue with emotional eating .

So if you are turning to chocolate, wine, crisps, cake or any other typical ‘comfort food’  to cheer you up or relieve stress then you probably are an emotional eater.

I did all of this and when I was overweight and ate things that I knew I shouldn’t I only ate more to make me feel better.  Not a great solution so if you want to know how to break away from emotional eating just contact me at and I will be happy to offer  you a free initial consultation.

Believe me if I can stop emotional eating then so can you !

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