A tip to help keep your weight off

One of the things that helps to keep your weight off is not keeping clothes that are too big for you.

I know that when I was very overweight I had a wardrobe of clothes that ranged from a size 12 to a 20.  When I lost weight I would always keep clothes that I liked even if they were too big just in case I put weight back on.  Really that just sets you up to fail.

One of the things I did when I lost my weight in 2009-10 was to either give my larger clothes to charity or sell them on ebay. Replacing them with clothes in the right size.

I think though that one of the other things that I decided to do, that has helped me to keep my weight in check, was that I stopped buying anything with an elasticated waist or that would stretch with me if I put on a few pounds.  This means that as soon as I feel a wiast band feeling a bit tight I know I need to be a bit careful to keep my weight steady.

Although having to replace my wardrobe when I first lost weight was very costly being able to keep my weight off has saved me a lot of money as I can now wear everything in my wardrobe rather than about 20% of it at best.

So how many sizes do you have in your wardrobe?

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