What a lovely surprise!

I was delighted to find out that I have been recognised in the 2016 A1 Influential Businesswomen Awards as the best weight loss coach in Staffordshire.

It is so good to know and although I work from Staffordshire I do provide support to people across the UK and elsewhere if they are English speaking.

Whilst receiving awards is great it really is nothing compared to the joy I get from helping people to lose weight without having to resort to pills potions or fad diets that can cost the earth.

It has been wonderful, having conquered my own weight problems, to be able to set up a business to share my approach and support people to lose weight and learn how they can eat healthily with their friends and family.  Most importantly to escape the problem of yo-yo dieting that so many of us are so familiar with.

If you would like to know more about my plans without any obligation I would love to ehar from you. In the meantime if you can check out the award at https://t.co/IwL0EEt4Sn

A tip to help keep your weight off

One of the things that helps to keep your weight off is not keeping clothes that are too big for you.

I know that when I was very overweight I had a wardrobe of clothes that ranged from a size 12 to a 20.  When I lost weight I would always keep clothes that I liked even if they were too big just in case I put weight back on.  Really that just sets you up to fail.

One of the things I did when I lost my weight in 2009-10 was to either give my larger clothes to charity or sell them on ebay. Replacing them with clothes in the right size.

I think though that one of the other things that I decided to do, that has helped me to keep my weight in check, was that I stopped buying anything with an elasticated waist or that would stretch with me if I put on a few pounds.  This means that as soon as I feel a wiast band feeling a bit tight I know I need to be a bit careful to keep my weight steady.

Although having to replace my wardrobe when I first lost weight was very costly being able to keep my weight off has saved me a lot of money as I can now wear everything in my wardrobe rather than about 20% of it at best.

So how many sizes do you have in your wardrobe?

Do you love Pizza?

If you love pizza but you want to lose weight you may think that you have to give it up altogether.

This isn’t true and I was really pleased to find that at Prezzo they offer Light Pizzas with salad and a low calorie dressing which make a great meal if you are worried about your weight.

On a recent trip I had the

prezzo tre gusti light pizza

Pepperoni, seasoned chicken, pancetta, rosemary, mozzarella and tomato

Your health is your most important asset

Whatever you are doing and however much money you have got the one thing that is important to us all is our health.

It really doesn’t matter what we look like when we are overweight and in fact you can look great on the outside but it is important to know what being overweight means for your health.

As a quick check if you measure your waist and it is more than half your height you are carrying too much weight. Obviously the bigger the diference the greater the risk.If you are 5ft 8 inches your waist should be no more than 34 inches.  So what are the facts

  • Did you know that 80% of people who have Type 2 Diabetes are overweight or obese
  • Did you know that 1 in 20 cancers are linked to being overweight or obese
  • Did you know that being overweight leads to high blood pressure and high cholesterol increasing your chances of stroke and heart disease

But by losing as little as 5-10% of your weight can reduce your risk

So start now and protect your future and for anyone wanting support and help at http://www.weight-away I offer personalised plans, recipes, support and coaching to help you get to a healthy weight.

So get out the tape measure and check your waist!

3d human with measure in waist

Measure Your Waist