You can do so much with veg!

One the latest food crazes is to use cauliflower to make rice. This is a great way to increase the amount of veg you eat as well as cutting down on carbs.

You just break the cauliflower up then whizz it in a food processor till it looks like rice.

Add it to a drop of oil and add spices that you like and hey presto you have an accompaniment to any dish and if you use asian spices you are good to go with a curry.

Saw this on Channel 4 Sunday Brunch this morning with Madeleine Shaw and just think it is a great thing to add to my food plans at and I will be trying this!


Aubergine Stew with Cauliflower Rice Recipe

For the aubergine stew

3 tbsp coconut oil or butter

2 aubergines, cut into 5cm cubes

2 red onions, finely chopped

1 tbsp harissa

4 garlic cloves, crushed

1 tsp ground cumin

1 tsp ground coriander

1 tsp ground cinnamon

400g can chopped tomatoes

2 tbsp natural yoghurt

Chopped fresh coriander, to serve

Salt, to taste

For the cauliflower rice

1 cauliflower, stalk removed and roughly chopped

1 tbsp coconut oil or butter

1 tsp turmeric

¼ tsp ground ginger


For the aubergine stew

1. To make the aubergine stew, heat the oil or butter in a pan and cook the aubergines with a big pinch of salt for 5 minutes until they turn golden brown, stirring every now and then.

2. Throw in the red onions, harissa, garlic, cumin, coriander, cinnamon and a pinch of salt and keep stirring until the vegetables are well coated in the spices and the mix is fragrant.

3. Add the tomatoes and cook on a medium simmer for 15–20 minutes, stirring every 5 minutes.

For the cauliflower rice

1. To make the rice, put the roughly chopped cauliflower into a food processor and process for a few minutes until you get a rice-like consistency. (If you don’t have a food processor, grate the cauliflower using a box grater.)

2. Heat the oil or butter in a saucepan over a medium heat for 1 minute, then add the spices and stir for 1 minute more until fragrant.

3. Throw in the cauliflower rice and sauté for 5 minutes, stirring constantly, until cooked through.

4. Serve the aubergine stew with the rice, a dollop of yoghurt and some coriander scattered over.

The aubergine stew can be frozen or kept in the fridge for a few days.


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