Looking foward to your summer holiday

Are you are looking forward to your summer holiday or are you dreading how you will look on the beach.

There is still time to lose weight before the main summer holidays and in 10 weeks you could eaily lose a stone and a half.  That is a least one dress size/trouser size.  So start eating healthily now and you can enjoy your summer holiday.

I know that the last minute panic to find clothes for  holiday when you are overweight is probably one the most depressing times I ever had.  It was a holiday photo that made me change my eating habits, lose weight and set up Weight Away so if you want to avoid those summer time blues I would love to help you at http://www.weight-away.org

I keep this photo of me emerging onto the beach in the Summer of 2009 just to remind me of how large I was and that I won’t allow myself to go back there.

Lots of people think I am brave to show this photo.  I don’t because I am proud of losing weight and want to inpsire others to do the same through eating ordinary healthy food and not following fad diets.

sue before picture

Me on holiday at my heaviest in 2009

Dressed for the Sunshine

Me in summer 2015 so much happier and healthier

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