How to avoid becoming a statistic

We have got bigger as a nation as we do less exercise and eat more processed food

In the press this week we were told that

Britain has the biggest weight problem of any European country, with two thirds of men and more than half of women classified as overweight or obese. Last week a study forecast that 38 per cent of Britons would be obese by 2025, making the country the fattest in the continent.

If you want to avoid being one of people in these statistics you may need help to avoid temptation. I say this because all around us there are adverts and offers for food that can result in us gaining weight. Knowing how to eat healthily whilst still having the occasional treat is the key to losing weight and keeping it off.

The answer will never be a quick fix of pills or replacement foods or crash diets because when you stop these and go back to how you were eating the weight will just pile back on.  You can eat well with your family and friends by changing your approach to eating and just a few changes can make a lot of difference

  • eating regular meals
  • cutting out snacks
  • having more vegetables
  • walking whenever you can
  • reducing the amount of sugar you eat

These are just a few things that can make a difference but if you want to know more visit for healthy eating plans, recipes and support.

Don’t become a statistic!

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