Why risk getting diabetes ?

If you are overweight you increase your chances of being diagnosed with diabetes and did you know that there were 7000 amputations last year in the UK, that’s 135 legs cut off every week. Diabetes accounts for half of these.

These are the sort of facts that make you realise that being overweight is not only about how you look but also about how you are putting yourself at risk. Unfortunately the risks also include stroke, blindess, organ damage and a poor vascular system (this is what results in the amputations).

If you are overweight and want to do something about it you can change your lifestyle by eating heathily and losing weight steadily but more importantly be able to keep it off.

At http://www.weight-away.org I can help you to do this with personalised eating plans that allow you eat with your family and friends and still lose weight. No supplements, pills or replacement foods just ordinary food with extraordinary results.

So why wait just contact me for a free consultation and there are special offers available.



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