Quick and Easy Healthy Meal for the Family and weight loss

If you struggle to lose weight and eat with your family you can cook this recipe but still be able to lose weight following a healthy eating plan either yourself or by joining me at Weight Away for more healthy recipes at http://www.weight-away.org

I think that often when you are trying to lose weight you find yourself eating differently from your family and friends.  This makes life so hard and there is nothing worse than drinking a shake or eating a plate of salad when your family are tucking into a hearty meal.

Try this recipe for a cottage pie which is easy to do.

Cottage Pie

Serves 4

425 calories per portion including veg


500 grams of lean steak mince

400 gram tin of chopped tomatoes

Large onion chopped finely

Beef Oxo

100 grams Mushrooms

Teaspoon of Mixed Dries Herbs

Dash of Worcester sauce

500 grams of boiled potatoes mashed with a dash of milk

Salt and pepper

Serve with Broccoli and Carrots

To cook

Make the mince into burger shapes and grill until cooked through.  Leave to cool and then break it back up to look like mince.  In the meantime boil the potatoes and mash them with a splash of milk.

Gently soft fry the onion for a few minutes by just adding a drop of water then add the tin of tomatoes, beef oxo, mixed herbs and Worcester sauce and the mushrooms (if you don’t eat mushrooms you could add celery at this point or both).  When the sauce has cooked for about 10 mins stir the mince into it season and then pour into a casserole dish and top with the mash potato.  I always sprinkle a little paprika on the top to give the dish colour. Cook in the oven at 180 degrees for about 20 mins. While it is in the oven steam your vegetables to serve with it.

As you are spooning the mince into the casserole dish you should have some juice left in the sauce pan which you can add to some gravy granules if you make yourself gravy to go with it.  This will be very tasty.

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