Are you a serial Yo-Yo Dieter

If you have dieted only to put all your weight back on once, twice or maybe more then you are a yo-yo dieter.  But this doesn’t have to be story for the rest of your life.

At Weight Away I work with clients personally to devise a healthy eating plan that will enable them to lose weight steadily but more importantly keep the weight off for life.

If you are thinking this will include pills, food substitutes or expensive foods that are to hard to find then I can reassure this will not be the case.

At Weight Away you will eat ordinary food with your friends and family but you will learn how to balance everything you eat to ensure that you lose weight and become healthy.

Just losing 10% of your body weight can help you to avoid type 2 diabetes and reduce other health risks such as stroke and heart attacks.

There are special offers fo people joining Weight Away in January so why wait join me and say good bye to Yo-Yo dieting for good!

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