Have you booked your next holiday

Apparently this weekend was the busiest for travel agencies and sites for people looking to book their next holiday.

I am sure that this is because January seems such a long month after all the Christmas and New Year festivities.

So we sit down and dream about the holiday we are planning, we probably book it and perhaps even go on to research some of the things we will do when we get there.

If you are doing this and you are overweight you will also probably promise yourself that you will lose weight so you will look and feel great when you get there.  I know that if you don’t take action right now that will be thing that doesn’t happen.

I can remember many times of saying this at the start of year only to find myself in despair in the weeks before my holiday trying to find clothes I would be able to wear.  I haven’t had this problem for the past six years as I solved my yo-yo dieting problem for good.

So if you are planning your holiday and want to lose weight contact me at http://www.weight-away.org for support recipes and personalised plans to ensure that you look your best for that holiday and beyond!



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