Lose weight to reduce your risk of diabetes

Being overweight can make you miserable

Being overweight can stop you wearing clothes you want to

Being overweight can affect your confidence

But more important than any of these is the fact that being overweight can put you at risk of Type 2 Diabetes.

There are some terrifying statistcs about Type 2 Diabetes

1 in 16 people in the UK has diabetes either diagnosed or undiagnosed and 90 percent of the people with diabetes have Type 2 Diabetes.  Obesity is the highest risk as 80-85 percent of people who get Type 2 diabetes are overweight.

The complications of diabetes include heart diesease, stroke, kidney diesease and amputation.

So if you are overweight and want to reduce your risk of Type 2 diabetes even losing 10% of your weight can help.  Many of my clients contact me because of health fears or having been told to lose weight by their doctor.

If this is you don’t despair you can always make a difference and at Weight Away I help people to lose weight eating ordinary food but getting extraordinary results.  You will get a plan, personalised to you, recognising your likes and dislikes and your lifestyle. So if you want to know more just contact me and I would love to help you become slimmer and healthier in 2016.




Are you a serial Yo-Yo Dieter

If you have dieted only to put all your weight back on once, twice or maybe more then you are a yo-yo dieter.  But this doesn’t have to be story for the rest of your life.

At Weight Away I work with clients personally to devise a healthy eating plan that will enable them to lose weight steadily but more importantly keep the weight off for life.

If you are thinking this will include pills, food substitutes or expensive foods that are to hard to find then I can reassure this will not be the case.

At Weight Away you will eat ordinary food with your friends and family but you will learn how to balance everything you eat to ensure that you lose weight and become healthy.

Just losing 10% of your body weight can help you to avoid type 2 diabetes and reduce other health risks such as stroke and heart attacks.

There are special offers fo people joining Weight Away in January so why wait join me and say good bye to Yo-Yo dieting for good!

Have you booked your next holiday

Apparently this weekend was the busiest for travel agencies and sites for people looking to book their next holiday.

I am sure that this is because January seems such a long month after all the Christmas and New Year festivities.

So we sit down and dream about the holiday we are planning, we probably book it and perhaps even go on to research some of the things we will do when we get there.

If you are doing this and you are overweight you will also probably promise yourself that you will lose weight so you will look and feel great when you get there.  I know that if you don’t take action right now that will be thing that doesn’t happen.

I can remember many times of saying this at the start of year only to find myself in despair in the weeks before my holiday trying to find clothes I would be able to wear.  I haven’t had this problem for the past six years as I solved my yo-yo dieting problem for good.

So if you are planning your holiday and want to lose weight contact me at http://www.weight-away.org for support recipes and personalised plans to ensure that you look your best for that holiday and beyond!



Are Resolutions the Answer?

Have you made A New Year Resolution before?

If so have you been able to keep it longer than January or even a week?

If this is you don’t despair you are one of the majority

So many people resolve to lose weight only to fall at the first hurdle.

So why is this?

Well the New Year does not have the monopoly on making resolutions but it is the time that most people decide to do something differently so why do they fail.

Primarily they fail because they are resolutions and not goals.  If you want to change anything in life setting a goal will enable you to achieve this.

So what is different about setting a goal? Well the key is that a goal is clear, written and specific.  You can describe it to another person.  You can measure it and you know when you have achieved it.

This is how I used goal setting to lose my weight and I hope it will be helpful to others

Back in 2009 faced with the photographic evidence of just how overweight I had become I set myself a goal to lose weight and be healthy.

I set my goal to be a size 14 in clothes and visualised myself at that weight; wearing clothes I wanted to wear; being able to walk upstairs without getting out of breath and being able to be healthy without blood pressure tablets.

I knew at this point that I would need to lose between 4-5 stone in weight so I set myself smaller goals of ½ a stone at a time.  Equally to support my progress I measured myself every month so I was tracking my progress in different ways.

I enlisted the support of my family and colleagues at work by explaining that I was eating healthily and losing weight so I made the goal real but also got support.

More importantly I didn’t look back to times when I had tried to lose weight only to put it back on again.

The result was that I lost 75lbs in total which if you are doing the Maths is 5 stone 5lbs.  I now wear size 10-12 clothes depending on the make.  I no longer take blood pressure tablets and I am helping others to live a healthy life running my own business.

We all need support and help to achieve our goals and I love to help people at www.weight-away.org so contact me if you want to know more.

If you can turn your resolutions into a goal just think what you could achieve.

sue before picture

Me on holiday at my heaviest in 2009

Dressed for the Sunshine

Me in summer 2015 so much happier and healthier