Happy New Year from Weight Away

So here we are looking forward to the New Year and turning our minds to making resolutions to change things in our life.

Many of these will be about losing weight and often people look for quick solutions to get rid of weight quickly only to find that miracle diets are hard to stick to and if you do lose weight on them you can just as quickly put it back on again.

Trust me I know, I was a serial yo-yo dieter for many years until I finally changed my life by eating heathily to lose 5 stone in 2009-10. But more importantly be able to keep it off and still be at a healthy weight as we go into 2016.

So if your resolution is to lose weight in 2016 why not join me at http://www.weight-away.org and lose weight for life with support and recipes and an eating plan that is tailored personally for you.

If you join before the end of January you can take advantage of a special offer and pay for 3 months in advance and get the 4th month free.  In which time you could lose at least 2 stone but equally could lose up to 3 stone.

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