So how is your planning going for Xmas?

Well here we are at the end of November being bombarded with emails about Black Friday and Cyber Monday and Christmas is almost here. So how is your planning going?

I know that I am dreadful with Christmas shopping and every year I promise myself I will start earlier. I must say that this year I have done some so I have been better, but I know I will still be rushing around in the final week.

It is also the time that many of us come to the realisation that we haven’t lost the weight we said we would at the beginning of the year and we promise ourselves that we will start again in the New Year and this time we will mean it.

If this is you then I would love to help you at Weight Away and as a New Year offer for clients signing up in January and paying 3 months in advance the 4th month will be free.

If you are interested let me know but in the mean time I am attaching the Weight Away Christmas Special which has some helpful hints tips and recipes to help over the festive period. You can contact me via my blog or visit

weight away xmas special 2015

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