Losing weight gets you into shape!

It is amazing when you lose weight that you can’t imagine yourself being bigger than you are now. This hit me in the face when I was helping my daughter with some photographs for her ebay shop.

As she helps people declutter their houses at http://www.roomtobreathe.org.uk she also helps them to sell clothes they no longer wear. These are all good quality items so she decided to invest in some mannequins to properly show them off.

Of course because people are of different sizes she ended up with three, one which is a size 8-10 the second a 12-14 and the third a 16-18. Lined up together really made me think as I was once a size 20 so bigger then the largest one but am now a size 10-12.

The thing that struck me most about the mannequins however is that they have no lumps and bumps but they do diminish as you lose weight and dressing well for your size is the answer whatever you weigh.

You will find lots of quality clothes of all sizes at http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Kates-Bazaar29 and of course if you want help to lose weight I would be delighted to help you

What size are you?

What size are you?

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