How do we know what to believe?

This week I was going to start posting some recipes but having picked up a newspaper that was giving yet another piece of advice about what to eat to be healthy it got me thinking.

It is difficult to know what to believe as there are so many conflicting things on the internet, shown on TV and in the press so how do you decide.

We were encouraged for a long time to eat low fat foods only now to find that the sugar added to some of these foods is now the thing that is making us gain weight and is damaging our livers. This is just one example of confusion.

My firm belief is that wherever possible we should eat natural unprocessed food; eat regular home prepared meals and avoid snacks. If you approach losing weight this way you can still eat things you like but by having sensible portions you will not feel deprived.

In fact if you cook your own meals you can have really healthy sizeable portions of food that will keep you full for longer and help you to avoid snacks.

If you want help to do this then I would be delighted to help you at

Next week I will be starting a series of warming hearty recipes to take you up to Christmas.

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