So less than 100 days to Xmas

Yes it is now less than 100 days to Christmas in fact there are 94 days to be precise. It is amazing to see some many shops with Christmas things in and lots of promotions on the TV to encourage us all to start shopping for the festive season.

I have always promised myself that I would start my Christmas Shopping early but usually find myself running around in the last week in a panic.

But what about getting into that party outfit? You can’t leave that until the last minute.

As the majority of my clients lose 2lb a week, there is still just over 13 weeks to go and I know that anyone who joins my weight-away plans now could lose up to 2 stone before Xmas.

2 stone usually represents 2 dress or trouser sizes so what are you waiting for?

Contact me via my blog or visit and I would love to help you

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