How do we know what to believe?

This week I was going to start posting some recipes but having picked up a newspaper that was giving yet another piece of advice about what to eat to be healthy it got me thinking.

It is difficult to know what to believe as there are so many conflicting things on the internet, shown on TV and in the press so how do you decide.

We were encouraged for a long time to eat low fat foods only now to find that the sugar added to some of these foods is now the thing that is making us gain weight and is damaging our livers. This is just one example of confusion.

My firm belief is that wherever possible we should eat natural unprocessed food; eat regular home prepared meals and avoid snacks. If you approach losing weight this way you can still eat things you like but by having sensible portions you will not feel deprived.

In fact if you cook your own meals you can have really healthy sizeable portions of food that will keep you full for longer and help you to avoid snacks.

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Next week I will be starting a series of warming hearty recipes to take you up to Christmas.

So less than 100 days to Xmas

Yes it is now less than 100 days to Christmas in fact there are 94 days to be precise. It is amazing to see some many shops with Christmas things in and lots of promotions on the TV to encourage us all to start shopping for the festive season.

I have always promised myself that I would start my Christmas Shopping early but usually find myself running around in the last week in a panic.

But what about getting into that party outfit? You can’t leave that until the last minute.

As the majority of my clients lose 2lb a week, there is still just over 13 weeks to go and I know that anyone who joins my weight-away plans now could lose up to 2 stone before Xmas.

2 stone usually represents 2 dress or trouser sizes so what are you waiting for?

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Are you putting off till tomorrow what you could do today?

One of the things about trying to lose weight is that you can often find yourself saying I will just eat this and I will start tomorrow. Something then happens and you have a bar of chocolate, a piece of cake or a couple of glasses of wine and you find yourself saying it all again.

So does tomorrow ever come?

I know that when I decided that I wanted to eat healthily and lose weight I had to learn how to build in the things I love into a healthy diet.

So I never actually gave up chocolate, I still occasionally have cake and I certainly have a glass of wine from time to time but all in moderation and as part of a well balanced diet.

That is how I lost 5 stone in weight and it is certainly how I have kept it off now for 5 years so if you want to know how you can do this contact me at as nothing makes me happier than helping others to lose weight but still to be able to live life without having to resort to pills, potions or juices that stop them enjoying eating with family and friends.

Summer Break Over …..

Well the Summer Break is over and what are you thinking?

I know that when you get back from your summer break it can be lovely to think about the great times you have had but equally it can be terrible to see pictures of yourself looking so much bigger than you thought you were.

I had exactly that experience in 2009 when I returned form a holiday in the Carribean. I knew I was overweight but it was the picture of me emerging from the sea that finally made me change my eating habits for life.

If you are looking a photographs thinking you need to do something to lose weight then join me at and I can help you.

This was the picture that shocked me into changing
The Shocking Holiday Snap

And now much happier times

Me in 2014 happy on holiday

Me in 2014 happy on holiday