Just don’t have time for breakfast !

I have lost count of the the number of times I have heard people say I just don’t have time for breakfast.

But can you really afford to miss it

When you skip breakfast you can be building up hidden hunger and find yourself snacking and overeating in the evening, which of course reinforces the habit of not having breakfast

There is research evidence that people who eat a nutritious breakfast are more more alert and better problem solvers in the morning. Equally there is a lot of evidence that children perform better at school if they have had breakfast being able to concentrate on their lessons.

So why not give breakfast a try for the next two weeks to see if you feel better or if you see a difference in your evening snacking habits.

Here a few of my favourites that are quick and easy (some of which you could easily take to work if you are really pushed for time)

  • Bowl of Porridge with somes Prunes in apple juice to sweeten
  • Fresh Fruit and natural yoghurt
  • Scrambled Egg with chives on a slice of Wholemeal Bread
  • 2 Rashers of grilled lean bacon with tinned tomatoes and mushrooms
  • A smoothie with my favourite fruits

If you are looking for more ideas for breakfasts or any other meals that are healthy and will help you to lose weight just contact me via http://www.weight-away.org

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