Did you know it is milk chocolate day tomorrow?

If you are like me and have struggled with your weight you probably have never needed an excuse to eat chocolate. That’s why I found it interesting to see that tomorrow (Tuesday) is actually Milk Chocolate Day.

As if any of us whose passion is chocolate need a special day to eat it.

Seriously though if chocolate is something you feel you can’t live without you need to find a way to have a little of what you want without letting it affect your weight loss or making you gain weight.

So a few tips to help

– if you eat chocolate every day try to adopt at 5:2 approach and start by making 2 days a week chocolate free
– if you manage this you can gradually increase the number of days that you don’t eat chocolate
– chose dark chocolate you will find you need less to satisfy any cravings
– have small portions and make sure you savour them rather than just popping chocolate into your mouth without thinking

And finally if you really find yourself eating a whole large bar of chocolate or finishing a whole box of chocolates just put it behind you and try some of the tips above.

If you need help and support to kick a chocolate habit contact http://www.weight-away.org.

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