Back from holidays in the USA!

Well this is my first week back from my holiday in the USA and getting on the scales was not what I wanted to do as it was so difficult to avoid unhealthy food.

During the three weeks I put on 5lbs but I am please to say that 4lbs has come off already just by getting back to normal eating and of course cutting out alcohol (which may have been mostly to blame)

Seriously though it is so easy to see why the USA has a weight problem when the portions sizes are so large and there is a tendency to put cheese on everything. The fact that boxes are supplied to allow you to take away what you can’t eat is very common and I am sure only adds to the problem. Finding a restaurant that served vegetables was a challenge and ordering a salad with the dressing on the side was often the only option to get a serving of greens.

I only hope that we can reverse the trend in the UK to eat so much fast food and ready prepared meals from the supermarkets and if you would like help to do this with support and recipes contact me at

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