Did you know it is milk chocolate day tomorrow?

If you are like me and have struggled with your weight you probably have never needed an excuse to eat chocolate. That’s why I found it interesting to see that tomorrow (Tuesday) is actually Milk Chocolate Day.

As if any of us whose passion is chocolate need a special day to eat it.

Seriously though if chocolate is something you feel you can’t live without you need to find a way to have a little of what you want without letting it affect your weight loss or making you gain weight.

So a few tips to help

– if you eat chocolate every day try to adopt at 5:2 approach and start by making 2 days a week chocolate free
– if you manage this you can gradually increase the number of days that you don’t eat chocolate
– chose dark chocolate you will find you need less to satisfy any cravings
– have small portions and make sure you savour them rather than just popping chocolate into your mouth without thinking

And finally if you really find yourself eating a whole large bar of chocolate or finishing a whole box of chocolates just put it behind you and try some of the tips above.

If you need help and support to kick a chocolate habit contact http://www.weight-away.org.

Back from holidays in the USA!

Well this is my first week back from my holiday in the USA and getting on the scales was not what I wanted to do as it was so difficult to avoid unhealthy food.

During the three weeks I put on 5lbs but I am please to say that 4lbs has come off already just by getting back to normal eating and of course cutting out alcohol (which may have been mostly to blame)

Seriously though it is so easy to see why the USA has a weight problem when the portions sizes are so large and there is a tendency to put cheese on everything. The fact that boxes are supplied to allow you to take away what you can’t eat is very common and I am sure only adds to the problem. Finding a restaurant that served vegetables was a challenge and ordering a salad with the dressing on the side was often the only option to get a serving of greens.

I only hope that we can reverse the trend in the UK to eat so much fast food and ready prepared meals from the supermarkets and if you would like help to do this with support and recipes contact me at http://www.weight-away.org

You don’t always need to eat meat or fish

It isn’t always necessary to have meat or fish with a meal as many vegetarians will tell you. I personally do enjoy eating meat and fish but on up to two days a week I cut them out. I have found that it is great to experiment with different things to come up with healthy vegetarian meals that we can all enjoy as a family. This weeks recipe combines another of my favourite things which is pastry but at 250 calories a serving can be eaten guilt free. This a great summer lunch served with a green salad I am back from holiday next week so will be reflecting on my trip to the USA. Roast tomato and Ricotto Tart

Having a filling Salad can keep you on track

Eating salad when you are trying to lose weight does not need to be dull. Often I know I used to just think of a Salad as a few lettuce leaves, cucumber and tomato with some tuna which I would enjoy but then feel hungry soon after.

That so why adding some carbohydrate to a salad can help you to make it more interesting but also more satisfying and you can still lose weight. This weeks recipe is great if you want to take a salad for lunch to work or to serve as a side dish at a barbecue instead of something calorific like garlic bread for example.

Hope you enjoy but want to know more about eating healthily and losing weight go to http://weight-away.org

Tuna and rice salad with soya beans