So Where Is Summer?

I don’t know about you but I usually think of June as being Summer and hoping that June will start a run of good weather.

So I have to say that this morning was a bit of a disappointment, as not only was it dull, but it was also cold and I found myself heading out to meeting in an outfit that seemed more appropriate for autumn.

I mention this because I am desperate to get into to my summer clothes.

I can safely say that when I was overweight although I liked the summer weather it was the worst season for me.

– I was always looking for clothes that covered up my lumps and bumps
– I found the hot weather made my thighs rub together and get sore
– I never really wanted to go on beach (although some of you will have seen my awful before photo on the beach)
and finally I never really felt I could join in fun things because of my weight.

I know this is all different for me now and I love to help others get to a weight they are happy at.

So are you looking forward to summer! If not contact me at and I can help you!

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