What are you doing for the Bank Holiday?

Hopefully the weather is good where you are and you will have been able to get out and about this Bank Holiday Monday.

It is great to get out with friends and family but often I find this is the time when I overdo it a bit with food a drink. You may be the same and it is very easy to eat far too much without even realising it

Perhaps more alcohol,a burger/hot dog, an ice cream and a piece of cake not to mention the possibility of a barbecue it all adds up.

The best thing you can do if you are trying to lose weight is to put this behind you and get back to healthy eating the next day. So here is how I deal with the day after by eating well but slightly less than I normally would.

I only have around 1000 calories but I only do this for a day. The suggested days eating below gives a 1000 calories for women and 1300 for men and can be used on any day after you fell you have eaten too much.


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