National Burger Day

If you want to enjoy National Burger Day but not sabotage your weight loss try out this great recipe for a Chicken Burger with a Mediterranean twist. #NationalBurgerDay

Healthy Mediterranean Chicken Burger

What are you doing for the Bank Holiday?

Hopefully the weather is good where you are and you will have been able to get out and about this Bank Holiday Monday.

It is great to get out with friends and family but often I find this is the time when I overdo it a bit with food a drink. You may be the same and it is very easy to eat far too much without even realising it

Perhaps more alcohol,a burger/hot dog, an ice cream and a piece of cake not to mention the possibility of a barbecue it all adds up.

The best thing you can do if you are trying to lose weight is to put this behind you and get back to healthy eating the next day. So here is how I deal with the day after by eating well but slightly less than I normally would.

I only have around 1000 calories but I only do this for a day. The suggested days eating below gives a 1000 calories for women and 1300 for men and can be used on any day after you fell you have eaten too much.


How much have you spent on trying to lose weight?

I was shocked to hear that over $60 billion dollars is spent each year by people trying to lose weight. This is a staggering amount of money and even more frightening when it is widely known that at best only about 10% of people keep off the weight and that is an optimistic figure.

I thought about this in relation to my own weight loss story and I know that before 2009 I had tried many ‘diets’ that were high in protein or low in fat or whatever the latest thoughts were on the best way to lose weight. I had tried things such as meal replacements and joined at least 3 different weight loss groups. I couldn’t add up what it had cost me but I know it achieved nothing as I was a typical yo-yo dieter.

So what made the difference for me well firstly and most importantly I decided that I really didn’t want to be overweight and unhealthy, but secondly and this was a Eureka moment I knew I had to change my lifestyle and not go on stop and start ‘diets’.

The rest is history as they say but I want to share this others and I have built into my Weight Away Plans a philosophy of healthy eating and the word ‘diet’ never appears.

Importantly my plans rely on ordinary food, no pills or potions or meal replacements and they can help you lose weight and more importantly keep it off for life.

An investment in a Weight Away Plan can be last you spend on losing weight.

So if you would like to know more contact me at for a free initial chat.

What to have for Breakfast?

I think that when you are trying to lose weight you can get fed up of eating the same thing day after day. This also doesn’t challenge your metabolism to work hard so having something different can be a great help.

Breakfast is often the thing that people struggle with the most. If you are in a hurry to get out but I have a a very quick and easy healthy yummy recipe that sets you up well for the day so give this a try.

I used chives today when I cooked it as I have some growing in pot just outside the kitchen so it couldn’t have been easier. Having a few freshly growing herbs in pots is a great way to boost the flavour of your meals but also makes me feel like more like a proper cook.

As this is only 180 calories you can also have a piece of fruit or a yoghurt to start the day feeling healthy and full.
Herby Mushroom Cheese on Toast

Struggling to get into your Summer Clothes

I always feel that summer is here when we start the May Bank Holidays even if it isn’t sunny! ┬áIt also always used to start my panic about what I would have to wear for my summer holidays.

In the days when I was overweight I would look through my wardrobe and usually find that at best I could get into 20% of my summer clothes and would then go on a crash diet to try to fit into things -not succeed -and go out shopping buying anything that would fit me.

That doesn’t happen now and each summer I weed out some things I decide that I don’t like any more or that really don’t suit me and I buy a few new pieces to add to my wardrobe.

If you are starting to panic about your summer wardrobe there is still time to do something about it just contact me at and start your weight loss journey now!