Summer is nearly here

Hopefully if you are losing weight Easter will not have taken you off track.  It is difficult when there is so much chocolate about and also as the weather has been quite good you may well have had days out.  This adds the challenge of burgers, ice creams and much much more.

Remember though if you want to look good for your summer holiday and be wearing nice clothes and be happy with the photographs there is still time to lose weight.

I have decided to set me self a target of losing 5kg before I go on my main holiday for 3 weeks June/July.  I decided to do this in kgs rather than lbs to focus my mind so I have 10 weeks to do this.  This equates to just over 11lbs so about a lb a week.  This will allow me to go on holiday with a bit of room to manoeuvre when I am eating and drinking.

What will your target be -if you want help and want to lose up to 2lbs a week before your summer holidays contact me at and I can help.

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