What do you do with your clothes?

If you are losing weight and you have a wardrobe of many sizes what do you do with the ones that are too big.

When I was a yo-yo dieter I kept mine just in case but really that means you have little faith in whether or not you can keep your weight off.

When I finally lost all my weight in 2009/10 I decided that I would get rid of all the clothes that were too big for me.  I either gave them to charity but also managed to sell a few on ebay to fund my new wardrobe.

I now have rules though.

  • I don’t buy anything with an elasticated waist
  • I avoid lycra
  • If I haven’t worn anything for a year I get rid of it

This means I now have a wardrobe of clothes that fit and that suit me.

If that sounds good to you join me at http://www.weight-away.org and get your weight and your wardrobe in the shape you would want.

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