What about the children?

I watched a programme on Channel 4 last week called ‘Junk Food Kids’ and found myself getting more and more annoyed but equally sad about the lack of parenting skills that were leading to children being either overweight or losing their teeth.  Watch it on 4OD if you missed it!

Having had a bit of a rant on twitter as I watched it I did calm down, but it it made me really think about the example we set for our children. We really owe to them to eat healthily ourselves so that our children have a healthy relationship with food.

Things that can help

  • sitting at a table to eat as a family
  • preparing freshly cooked meals together
  • having healthy snacks
  • limiting chocolate and crisps
  • cutting out fizzy drinks

None of this is rocket science but setting the right example for children and making sure they are healthy has to be one the most important things we do.

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