Are you an emotional eater?

Most people know whether or not they are emotional eaters, as they find themselves turning to food or drink at times of stress or worry.  This can however become a habit rather than actually being a response to an emotional trigger.

One thing that is easy to do to find out if you have developed habits that are making you eat or drink too much is to keep a food diary for a week.

You might find that there are certain times of the day you reach for chocolate or cake, whether you are actually hungry or not. Equally you may find that the drink of wine you have occasionally after a hard day has suddenly turned into 2 glasses a night.

So keep a diary for a week and see what you are eating and drinking you may be surprised.

If you want to change what you are doing and want help you can always contact me for a free discussion on how Weight Away can help you to eat healthily and lose weight for life.

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