Have you got an event to lose weight for?

This week I am sharing one of my client’s stories, which she was happy to share, as she has been so delighted with her weight loss and my Weight Away Plan.  You can see her before and after in her beautiful Mother of the Bride outfit.

Alison writes

” When my daughter announced that she was getting married in February 2014, I knew that I wanted to do something about my weight, so that I could be a mother of the bride that she could be proud of.  So I embarked on a diet.  5 months later I had achieved nothing, my weight had fluctuated within about 5 pounds, but with no real visible results.  Each day I started “being  good” with a small breakfast, then later, a small lunch.  By mid- afternoon I felt really hungry, shaky and light-headed so I headed for the kitchen where anything was “fair game”, cake, biscuits and other  snacks.  Later on, I satisfied my hunger with a large evening meal.  No wonder I didn’t lose any weight.

In August , after seeing my holiday photos and tipping the scales at 13 stone 3 lbs I decided to get help.  Slimming clubs didn’t appeal to me and I enjoy food, which is why I have found dieting so difficult to maintain in the past. I wanted something that didn’t feel like a diet.

I met Sue through networking and decided to give her nourish plan a go and I am very glad I did.  From the start of the program I saw the weight come off and I have continued to lose weight steadily each week. I am now very close to reaching my target of 11 stone and have dropped 2 dress sizes and feel so much healthier and energetic.  I weighed 11 stone 6lbs at my daughters’ wedding and received lots of compliments on how well I looked.

The recipes are put together by Sue herself, who is a trained nutritionist and calculates all the calories for you so you don’t have to do lots of weighing of ingredients.  The meals are delicious and varied.  My husband was surprised at what we were eating whilst “dieting”.  Many of the recipes have now become firm family favourites like, cheddar chicken, spanish meatballs, paprika chicken pie as well as many sweet dishes and even cakes.  The best thing about the Weightaway program is that you lose weight by eating real food.  Sue ensures that the calories are balanced throughout the day so that you don’t get the mid-afternoon slump or feel hungry at any time during the day.  She also builds into the plan the little things that you can’t do without (in my case a glass of wine) so that you can have your treats and don’t feel deprived – you don’t actually feel that you are on a diet.

Sue also gives tips on losing weight each week and these are also valuable especially at Christmas  and celebration times so that you can manage these times and limit any weight gain (I only put on 1 pound this Christmas).

For me the Weight Away program  has worked in a way that no other “diet” has.  Sue is wonderfully supportive and I thoroughly recommend her program to others wanting to do the same as me and lose weight for good.

Alison Townsend ”

Alison Before

Alison at the start of her journey

Alison After

Alison as the glamorous Mother of the Bride

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