Make 2015 the year you lose weight for life

Everywhere you look at the moment on the television, in the newspapers or magazines and on line there are ‘diets’ that promise great weight loss in a short space of time.  I know from experience that when you are overweight you will try anything to help.

The one thing all these ‘diets’ have in common are that they are asking you to eat less calories than you would normally do and they will all enable you to lose weight if you follow them.  The key point is however is how long can you keep them up.  I know in extreme cases when they cut out certain foods completely you can find yourself fixating on just wanting that food.

The key feature of a ‘diet’ is that it isn’t making a change for life and that is where taking a more balanced approach can help.

In losing over 5 stone myself I never actually gave up any food.  What I did do was adjust my portion sizes, ate more fruit and vegetables, changed to wholemeal breads pasta and rice and did more exercise.

Sounds simple but the key thing was that I have lost weight but more importantly kept it off for five years now.

If you want to make your New Year Resolution a reality I would love to help you so contact me at for more information and

‘Make 2015 the year you lose weight for life’

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