Are you still on track?

As January progresses we all find ourselves thinking about how we are getting on with our New year Resolutions.

I have stuck to my ‘dry’ January and am not planning to have any alcohol now until I go to a party on 7th February.  The fact though that I know I will be having a drink in the future and that this is short term thing makes it easier.

That isn’t always the case with losing weight and going on a diet, where you give up some things for good, that you would really still want to eat.

This is why my healthily eating plans at Weight Away can help- as they enable you to lose weight without giving up everything you love.

So why ‘weight’ contact me and see how I can help you to lose weight eating ordinary food with extraordinary results.

What is the ‘Right Diet’ for you

We have all been bombarded  in the New Year with ‘diets’ to give us the answer to losing weight.

Some have been sensible and healthy; some have been so complicated you need a degree to understand them; some so drastic you would struggle to exist and finally some with such expensive and difficult to find ingredients you would lose £’s not lbs.

However the one thing they do have in common is the fact, that if followed to the letter, they mean you will eat less calories and lose weight in the short term.

The key though, as the BBC programme the ‘Right Diet’ highlighted,  is that you need to understand the reason you overeat and find a way of eating healthily that you can sustain, if you are to lose weight and keep it off.

As someone who was an emotional eater I know what this is like and having lost over 5 stone between 2009 and 2010, the thing I am most proud of is that I have kept the weight off for over 4 years, in fact it is coming up to 5 years.

It is thing that inspired me to formally train as a nutritionist and set up Weight Away so that I can help others through personalised plans to do the same.

I am sharing my before and after photo’s so you can see the change it made to me and if you would like to know more about how you can eat ordinary food but get extraordinary results visit my web site

Sue before picture

Me in 2009


Me in 2014

Me in 2014








Looking for Healthy Snacks

Now that the festive period is over hopefully all the chocolate and cake etc will be gone from your home and office.  But you may have got into the habit of snacking so what are the healthy alternatives

One of the things about chocolate is that it is easy to pick up a chocolate bar, whereas to prepare vegetables or fruit takes time.  So I was delighted to see that a lot of supermarkets had taken the approach to promote healthy snacks and I found some great ones at Aldi in ‘The Foodie Market’ range and all at very reasonable prices.  So if you need something quick and easy they make a great snack to add to your healthy eating plan.

If you happen to be following my Weight Away Plans you can use any of these as a daily snack.



Make 2015 the year you lose weight for life

Everywhere you look at the moment on the television, in the newspapers or magazines and on line there are ‘diets’ that promise great weight loss in a short space of time.  I know from experience that when you are overweight you will try anything to help.

The one thing all these ‘diets’ have in common are that they are asking you to eat less calories than you would normally do and they will all enable you to lose weight if you follow them.  The key point is however is how long can you keep them up.  I know in extreme cases when they cut out certain foods completely you can find yourself fixating on just wanting that food.

The key feature of a ‘diet’ is that it isn’t making a change for life and that is where taking a more balanced approach can help.

In losing over 5 stone myself I never actually gave up any food.  What I did do was adjust my portion sizes, ate more fruit and vegetables, changed to wholemeal breads pasta and rice and did more exercise.

Sounds simple but the key thing was that I have lost weight but more importantly kept it off for five years now.

If you want to make your New Year Resolution a reality I would love to help you so contact me at for more information and

‘Make 2015 the year you lose weight for life’